This afternoon, the Lumia 920 dropped by at MOBILITY Towers all the way from the offices of Nokia Nigeria, and it will be staying for

The Lumia 920 Pays MOBILITY A Visit

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This afternoon, the Lumia 920 dropped by at MOBILITY Towers all the way from the offices of Nokia Nigeria, and it will be staying for a little while. Our team was at the device’s launch event a couple of weeks back, and it left us with good impressions. But we all know that the taste of the pudding is in the eating, and a hands-on isn’t enough to tell what a device is like in real life scenarios. That is why yours truly shall be throwing everything at it, and bringing you the juicy details here on your favourite mobile lifestyle blog.

Lumia 920

Already, having carried it around for about half of today, I have had a feel of what it is like in use for certain tasks. What I think? Why are you in such a hurry? Soon enough, you will read my thoughts on this flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone and the operating system that it runs. Will the Lumia 920 cut it? How about Windows Phone 8?

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Lumia 920

Lumia 920

Lumia 920

Don’t forget to submit your requests and questions that you would love to have me address in my review of the Lumia 920.


  1. Good. I would like to know if it has wifi hotspot and if yes what is the maximum number of devices can it take? Does it support USB OTG and do u need to on the bluetooth b4 u can carry out bluetooth operation? bcos in symbia, any operation that requires BT will launch the BT by itself if U give it the go ahead. How is the multitasking compare to symbia and how hungry is the OS for data and lastly, can one kill (an opened) app without bringing it to the forefront(as in the case of BB)? Thanks

  2. I know you mentioned this as one of your gripes with Windows Phone 7.x and as a feature you are hoping will be taken care of in Windows Phone 8 but just so you don’t forget, does it support pegging down mobile data to either 2G or 3G and finally, does it have inbuilt APN database and does it allow creation of new ones and selection of any APN to use at any time.

  3. i just need you to do a few comparisons with the galaxy s3 under the features you will be investigating. I hope someone gets to borrow you his/her s3 for that.

  4. Is it multitasking? Does it have Wifi hotspot. Friendly in use of data and ability to accept most apps? Will it be cost effective and at same time have good Ram and memory? If so I may need it, If it will do exactly the same with samsung. But why is Nokia refusing to adopt ANDRIOD OS?

  5. I’m just thinking you’re probably going to be relieved with this device – swinging from the bottom end Lumia 610 running WP7 to the top end Lumia 920 running WP8.

  6. I will like to see how it functions on the ff
    USB OTG, flash drive, kb and mouse
    Mass storage and file manager
    Which video format can it play, can it play full HD

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