The BB10 Data Plan Awards: And The Winners Are…

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The BB10 Data Plan Awards is targeted at presenting which Nigerian mobile networks offer the best BlackBerry 10 services. There are two categories, as follows:

1. Most Reliable BB10 Service
2. Most Affordable BB10 Service

So, if you own or plan on getting a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, perhaps this can be of help to you.

Most Reliable BB10 Service

This category goes to Etisalat Nigeria. You get Etisalat’s 3.75 HSPA + Network offering a theoretical 42Mbps maximum speed. But theory aside, my experience is that it gives the most reliable, consistent and the fastest performance available on any GSM mobile network in the country at the moment. At a 1.5GB data cap for N3,000 monthly, it isn’t cheap (though the price is on a par with what MTN and Airtel offer as well), but you are rewarded with performance.

Most Affordable BB10 Service

Glo offers the most affordable BlackBerry 10 data plans right now. You get a whopping 3GB data cap for N3,000. There is also a smaller plan that gives you 2GB for N1,400 monthly. I consider that a very convenient plan for the budget consumer. The performance is not horrible. At my end, I get fairly stable connection if I peg my device to EDGE, but the service is less stable when pegged to 3G. This could be location dependent, as most things around here are.

There you are: two distinct BlackBerry 10 plans addressing different segments of the market. If you are on a budget, Glo is what you want to be considering. If money is not a problem and you would love much better performance, then turn to Etisalat.

***Please check your location for service availability. Different networks offer varying network presence and quality of service from place to place.


  1. I get 3GB with N1,400 on comonth plan which is also applicable to BB10. As for the most reliable, I think it’s subjective. It depends on your location.

  2. Location is very paramount here, in my area Etisalat is the worst I ever used. Well glo absolute subscription works on BB10 N1500 for 3gb.

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