Battery life has become an important factor to consider for some in purchasing a phone. We mostly want cellphones with batteries that can make us

The more you talk, the more your battery lasts?

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Battery life has become an important factor to consider for some in purchasing a phone. We mostly want cellphones with batteries that can make us proud.

Imagine your flat battery coming alive simply by speaking into it. WOW right? Perhaps also nonsense? Maybe not for too long.

Dr Sang-Woo Kim of the Sungkyunkwan University is making advances in energy-harvesting techniques for turning sound into small amount of energy that could be used to power highly efficient mobile devices.

This scientist from South Korea is using nanoscale zinc-oxide strands sandwiched between electrodes to turn the vibrations of speech into electricity.

The saying ‘life and death are in the power of the mouth’ might just be true for our cellphones as this technology among other things hopes to harness cellphone users voice to charge their device battery while they are talking.

A prototype device used produced 50 milivolts of electricity from about 100 decibels of sound. One milivolt being a thousand of a volt. Although this energy generated isn’t enough to charge a battery today, this scientist is optimistic enough about the approach.

Meanwhile, Nokia jas patented a mechanism to harvest kinetic energy such as the bouncing of a phone in a pocket when one is walking, for charging batteries.

So do we see better times ahead for battery life?


  1. Fantastic Well, my physic teacher taught me that , energy cam never be destroyed but can merely be transformed from one type to another’.

    Transmuting sounds and kinetic energy to electrical energy is really smart in this case.

    Focusing intensely on solar as an inexhaustible source of energy for mobile devices also makes sense. Imagine a phone that NEVER runs outta battery power! UNIMAGINABLE!

  2. I read the original article at

    Converting sound to electricity is very very very inefficient. A fuel-burning chain saw produces around 100dB [very loud] and that can only produce 50mV?


    Even Chuck Norris cannot charge his phone with his voice. LOL

  3. lol @ Spacyzuma

    well, it will be a delight to have my voice charge my fone battery. 🙂

  4. If motion can power wrist watches, i see no reason why it cannot power cellphones. Nokia’s patent is sure to attract some attention.

    As for sounds, we all know it can break glass. It can also do funny things to my android screen wallpaper including making my little androids do some dancing steps on the screen and making them tremble at my voice. So its not far fetch making sounds power your battery. The means to harness enough power from sound to do the battery may not be there now but it will be within the next two to three years.

    @EyeBeeKay, am i communicating? 🙂

  5. We need a revolution in battery Technology and this is a step in the right direction.

    I love the Kinetic charging, it will be nice to swing my phone to charge it (just don’t drop it).

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