The most compelling smartphones on the market – Mid-2012

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From time to time, I look around the mobile landscape to have a look at the most compelling smartphones available.

When I say compelling, I mean that the smartphone has one or more useful features or performance unique to it that stand it out in one way or the other from others. I’m not particularly after the most expensive or latest smartphones.

1. Samsung Galaxy S III – Most Intelligent Smartphone
Samsung Galaxy S III
Let’s cut to the chase, the Galaxy S III from Samsung is an amazing device. No; it is not because of the quad-core processor. There are other smartphones with that.

The S III has a feature called Direct Call. When you have read an SMS and want to speak with the sender, you just put the phone to your ear and the contact is automatically dialled. Or when viewing a Contact, you can put the phone to your ear for the same effect.

That is a real feature that is useful to people in everyday situations. That’s a new level of intelligence above the rest. The other features are mostly still gimmicks that are unreliable. Smart Stay, for example, has been reported as generally unreliable, especially in the dark. S Voice too (like the iPhone’s Siri) is immature and mostly a gimmick that wears off. perhaps with time, those will become really useful features.

But for now, the Direct Call feature is good enough to stand out the Galaxy S III as the most intelligent phone out there today.

2. Nokia 808 PureView – Best Cameraphone
Nokia 808 PureView
Beef Nokia all you like, but they’ve got cameraphone technology down to a fine art and are light years ahead of the competition. Everyone who has reviewed the 808 PureView have come off with one conclusion: no other cameraphone comes close.

The 808 PureView has no competitor in terms of still photography and video recording, and even holds its ground against DSLR cameras in good light. Plus, there is loss-less digital zoom in there, a revolutionary feat on its own.

3. Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX – Most Amazing Battery Life
Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX
Simple and short, if you are after the most incredible battery life on a smartphone, nothing else comes close to the Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX. It has a 3300mAh battery that gives it hours more battery life than the nearest competitor. With an 8 megapixel auto-focus camera, Dual-core 1.2 GHz, 4.3-inch display, 16GB built-in memory and Android 4.0.4 Ice cream Sandwich, exactly what are you missing? Maybe the 808 PureView’s 41 megapixel camera and a quad-band processor. But, I’m betting that those are not deal-breakers. The RAZR MAXX’s specs are very up-to-date.

I am desperately looking for other phones to add to this list, but cannot find any others with anything compelling enough. Most phones today are just clones of many others already on the market. They are mostly jack-of-all-trades. As such, it is tough finding really compelling devices.

Do you know of any other smartphones that have features that are really useful and unique as to make them compelling for people? Do tell.

  1. The S III has a feature called Direct Call. When you have read an SMS and want to speak with the sender, you just put the phone to your ear and the contact is automatically dialled. Or when viewing a Contact, you can put the phone to your ear for the same effect.

    Nice feature truly and I hope Samsung has taken or applied for a patent for it, otherwise, Apple might just hijack that tomorrow and come after them with patent litigations claiming invention of the feature. Beyond the smartness and usefulness of the feature though, I’m wondering if this wouldn’t be a bit of a liability with a little less carefulness from the user.

    There are times I would be check something on my contact app or read SMS and forget to exit to the home screen or rather switching to another app afterwards or forget to lock the screen before putting the device in my pocket. I presume this feature makes use of the proximity sensor (though I may be wrong here) and could activate the calling process while the phone is in my pocket.

    I’m sure things like this could be averted easily but for me, it may take a conscious getting used to.

    For non-professional photographers, I doubt anyone toting the PureView would still have any practical needs to still carry a dedicated digital camera around. When the camera technology makes its into Windows Phone 8 devices, there is likely going to be a heightened excitement and interest on Nokia phones and by extension on Windows Phone platform.

    I have used a friend’s iPhone 4S and anything on a smartphone that betters that substantially in terms of ease of use, quick response time and general quality of output photo could well be said to be ethereal in my opinion.

  2. Some outstanding things are possible with the right software.

    A run_of_the_mill phone can easily be turned into a splendiferous monsterPhone.

    Apart from strictly hardware related features, mimicking almost any effect in software is achievable.

    I use AutomateIt for Android, as well as some other software to give my phone some cool features:

    I turn the phone face down to launch the HOME screen, flip it on its back to to activate the screen after a SCREEN LOCK, , disable Mobile Data whenever the screen times out, automatically turn SCREEN DISPLAY on permanently when specific apps run.

    just a few things there.


    // AutomateIt // allows me initiate several action when a call / SMS is received from ANy OR specific CONTACT, including calling the contact, hanging up that call, etc.

    My point is, when I hear of a “feature” on a phone, if it is not dependent on a hardware feature the phone lacks, there is almost always an “app for that”, especially on ANDROUD..

  3. Have you tried out the S-Pen on Samsung Note? I consider that an outstanding feature. Yes, resistive screens use the stylus but this is unique on a capacitive screen and the implementation on the Galaxy Note is exceptional. Not just a pen to write but a whole new creative world. THIS SURE STANDS OUT AS UNIQUE.

  4. I was going to add to Note2 to the list too. Though the phablet is a niche device. It sure do have some compelling features that is lacking on other smartphones. The multi window feature is one. That is nothing but pure multi tasking. The things you can do with the s-pen are truly amazing as well.

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