An update to the popular BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) app for BB10 and BBOS was pushed out and a lot of people around me seemed to

The new BBM Upgrade and User Impressions

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BBM update complaints

An update to the popular BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) app for BB10 and BBOS was pushed out and a lot of people around me seemed to have received it yesterday – with some complaints (see image above). The complaints that I have seen are from contacts on BBOS devices, and since I do not have access to those, I have no idea what the new BBM looks or feels like on that platform. However, my impression is that on BB10, it rocks. If nothing else, it is certainly more graphical and fun to use. I especially love how contacts updates are now displayed. Here is a screenshot:

BBM update - updates view

I also like the new BBM Channels, a place where brands and public figures can share and interact with the public. Think of Facebook Pages or a blog on BBM. I have my personal channel already, you can subscribe/join using this PIN: C001E83A8. Let’s hangout and share anything and everything.

Your Impressions?

If you have a BlackBerry OS or BB10 device and have updated your BBM app, what do you think of it, the good, the bad, and the ugly? Do you find it confusing? Complicated? Nicer? Do tell us.

  1. I like the user interface and the way everything is arranged.

    The high point for me is the addition of BBM Channel.

    Some features were added too — one I have noticed is that you can save a Display Picture even when it’s enlarged. That wasn’t possible.

    However, its operation on BBOS 5 and 6, while you are on the dashboard, is not smooth. Other users have complained about it too. I use a BB Bold 9780, it takes 3-4s before the app responds. This was the reason I uninstalled the beta version. And it’s still the same with the full version. Note that this only happens while you are on the dashboard. Off the dashboard, every other thing works fine.

    BBOS 7 has no issue at all.

    I hope BlackBerry will fix this soon.

  2. I performed the upgrade and instantly wished I didn’t. True, the interface is beautiful on my Curve 9320 but functionality and ease of use is wack! It seems as if Blackberry is copying whatsapp.
    My preference for BBM over whatsapp was based on ease of use. As much as I chat when necessary, this new arrangement makes it totally tasking. The improvements are ok but they should work on the arrangement.

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