The new NITEL/Mtel will be known as Ntel

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We brought you news of the resurrection of NITEL/Mtel and their plans for launch in November 2015. Here is the new brand name that the old horse will operate under:



Yes; Ntel.

Couldn’t they have come up with something really fresh? Ntel. Anyway….


The Summary of what we know so far:
Ntel. Primary focus on Data services. 4G LTE network. November launch. Initial coverage: Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.


  1. Seriously mobility, this is an old news where were you when Tech point , misstechy, tech city was covering THIs. You guys need to step up

  2. LOL. maybe they were covering those other good stuff that those other blogs don’t cover?

    You are wailing over coverage of nitel come back like it is news or information that if you didn’t get last week, your life will end. truth is it isn’t that important. This nitel wahala you carry for head is not info that changes any body’s life.

    stop wailing, hater.

  3. That does not deny the fact that this is still Old news. I wonder why it should even be published

  4. Na wao

    Old news ko
    Older news ni

    Since Mr Current affairs already knows it because he read it else where, so other people should not know abi?

    To you, it may be old news, to us it’s fresh news. Whether mobility carries it early or not, it’s not exactly the point. I’m not sure mobility is exactly in competition with other blogs in “first to publish news ” so give them a break.

  5. Come to think of it there used to b a section/post of “something something and things we missed last week”

  6. Does all these your comments now undo the fact that this is an old news?
    Nobody is denying mobility of being a superb tech site but visitors also have their freedom to own and air their opinion – which is infact a fact. Ok?

  7. With their broad infrastructure on the ground already,hope they hit the ground running this could be the game changer we’ve been waiting for all along..

  8. It isn’t old news. Some people didnt know of it till they read it here. It is news to them. If something isn’t news to you, just press ignore na. Let others benefit from it.

  9. Hollop! All Africa just published this same “old news” yesterday and they didn’t die o. See your lives. Old news……

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