The New Symbian User Interface – Screenshots

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I had drafted this post way back on the 29th of November 2010, but never got the time to publish it. Here are screenshots of the new Symbian user interface as implemented on the Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01.


The Desktop - a functional place for shotcuts, widgets, bookmarks, and contacts. Up to 3 screens available
The new task manager - large and more finger-friendly
Main menu
Cover art in music player

Playing a music track

SMS conversations mode

  1. Please Yomi, on the first screenshot i saw a portion which displayed your RAM usage and disk space usage on the home screen. Is it an app or a built in function of the O.S.

  2. Interesting, more can stil be done by Nokia in terms of the GUI.

    Yomi, have u tried out SPB Mobile shell -i’ve seen screenshots of the app and also read about some it issues, would u recommend it?

  3. Nice shoots, i love conversation sms. I use free-isms on my Nokia E61i(it displays the way iPhone does), and i can never go back to basic sms.

    Nokia does not have as many apps nor is the UI as fancy as iOs and Android but what Nokia still brings to the table is challenging. The N8 shall not pass me buy.

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