One of the beautiful things about the Symbian S60 OS (operating system) is that it is an open OS platform for mobile phones. By open

The Nokia 5800 and Compatibility Issues

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One of the beautiful things about the Symbian S60 OS (operating system) is that it is an open OS platform for mobile phones. By open OS platform, I mean that the OS allows for applications developed by a 3rd party to be run on the platform. These (third party) applications can now be installed onto a phone powered by the OS to either improve functionality or add a new function altogether to the phone running on the OS.

Nokia 5800 standby running HandyShell and HandyWeather, two 3rd party applications
Nokia 5800 standby running HandyShell and HandyWeather, two 3rd party applications
I must say here that the Symbian S60 OS is not the only open platform available. There are obviously others, like Windows Mobile, Android, etc. In order to install applications for any of these OS you must get applications that are compatible with them. Even within a particular OS community, there may exist different versions and care must be taken to ensure that the application being installed is compatible with the particular version of the OS in view.

As I mentioned in the second part of my review, the Nokia 5800 is powered by the Symbian s60 5th edition OS. Nokia says the 5th edition has backward compatibility with 3rd edition. In other words, applications that work on s60 3rd edition should also work on the 5th edition.

PhotoFlow, a 3rd party app running on the 5800
PhotoFlow, a 3rd party app running on the 5800
As such, after I got my 5800, I set out to install my favorite applications from the 3rd edition. It wasn’t long before I discovered that only a few of the applications developed for 3rd edition actually work on the 5th edition. In fact a majority of the applications that were really useful to me do not work. On launching such apps, the phone simply freezes and it has to be rebooted to get it working again. I hope this is not what Nokia meant by backwards compatibility.

It is not uhuru yet for Symbian s60 5th edition devices, so don’t go expecting all your old applications you used on the E71, E90 or N96 to work on your 5800 just yet.

Thankfully, a few developers are beginning to develop applications specifically for the 5800 and I hope that in the near future there will be more than enough applications for s60 5th edition.


  1. Brymay, unfortunately Olive Tree Bible does not work well on the 5800 yet. It installs and opens the first page and that’s how far it goes. Hoping the Olive tree guys will come up with something soon for the 5800.

    Currently, I use the kjv Go Bible that’s Java based. Interestingly, Java is still also not well integratred yet.

  2. Thanks Dayo! Another long wait for me. I hope more developers will make their apps compartible to this 5th edition before the Nokia N97 and Samsung Omnia HD are released. I think Symbian Foudation should encourage developers with incentives.

  3. Hello sir, i’m a Unilag student, i’m using one of the worst phones you can ever imagine, in my quest to get a better phone, i think nokia 5800 is a right option. What i need from you is the price, can you please text me the price on 08025215453. I would be very grateful if you do. Thanks,
    Yours Faithfully,
    Kayode Peter

  4. my phone got stolen abt 2 weeks ago so i’m looking to replace it,and i think Nokia 5800 is the best replacement,how much is it.well if the price is too high i’m gonna look in the direction of nokia N79,how much is the N79.please u can send it to my email.thanks

  5. Bryan Dele,

    Kindly give me a call on 08084391076 for information on the cost of the phones you mentioned.


  6. pls tell me where and at what rate can i get the nokia 5800. i stay in benin. thanks

  7. Where can I get helpful 3rd party apps for the 5800? Also a lot of blogs mention an update being available for download…has anyone been able to download it?

  8. @Big Jyd,

    Why don’t you Google for applications ?!!!

    I found a symbian site has a ‘long’ list of applications for that, but i don’t think the Editor would allow that link here (might be seen as a form of advertisment) .
    For the sake of the general public i’ll post the link, though its visibility is at (mercy of ) the site Editor’s discretion.

    Some apps. there REQUIRE ‘symbiansigning’ -thats why you’ll get the “contact certificate author” error when you try to install. Some others aren’t compatible with the 5800xm ,so check first and don’t install blindly.

    When in doubt, Google the incompatible app’s name and search information about it. Or post here on MN if you need suggestions on it.

    You can buy,from symbiansigned, a developer certificate to use to sign it. Though there is another way to do that without paying for a dev. cert. ,but ‘That’ i cannot write about here, for obvious reasons.
    -Be ‘creative’, and use google to search.

    With regards updates , Yes that is true. Though there is more than one kind of update (i.e. phone updates,app.updates,etc) in your phone.
    It would be VERY easy if you just read your phone manual.
    Also, you can check AllAboutSymbian’s site for tutorials of how to do some things in your phone. ( Mr. Yomi, maybe MN should have a “tutorials” section ,for noobs).

    Anyways Big Jyd, i’ll explain the one i think you are asking of.

    :Phone Update Over the Air:

    – In the homescreen, tap the phone dialler icon. Type *#0000#
    -A dialog appears showing your phone software version, language set,model,type,etc.
    – Tap ‘Options’ -> ‘Check for Updates’.
    -A dialog shows asking about call costs , tap ‘Yes’ to continue. Next a dialog appears asking you to select an “Internet Access point” .
    – Select the one you want to use, and you are good to go. The phone checks Nokia’s online server for an update.
    – If there’s one available it displays its details, in this case tap ‘Download’ (or Yes) to continue.
    – After downloading ,the phone restarts and installs the update.

    Latest phone version for 5800xm is version (i can’t remember the x’s). Don’t panic if your phone shows “no available updates” . Try again later.

    If you got a problem with the steps,post back.

  9. BACKUP YOUR DATA before you update though !!
    If there’s no available phone update via that method,(OTA) you can try using Nokia’s Software Updater (NSU).

  10. Please i’ll like to know the exact price i can buy this phone at awka……if u can post the price here and now you’ll be doing me a huge favour,i just lost my phone and it wld be hard callin you to find out its price. Thanx

  11. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic costs N36, 500. Add N3,500 for delivery to Awka. Please place your order from our Phone Store (use the “Order Now” button towards the bottom of the page).

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