The latest news coming out on the Nokia multi-media monster, the N8, is that it can be used just like a computer to browse files in a…

The Nokia N8 can browse files on your Flash Drive On-The-Go

nokia n8 silverThe latest news coming out on the Nokia multi-media monster, the N8, is that it can be used just like a computer to browse files in a Flash drive or another phone like the Nokia C5. I think Nokia is doing plain innovation to bring such an elegant feature to their Flagship Smartphone Device, the N8. See Youtube Video.


USB On-The-Go is a not such a popular feature on a mobile phone although it has myriad of advantages which we’ll mention here. I bet you may not have seen it in use in the Real World despite the fact that a few devices in the market can actually support it. You see, usually phones connect to Computers through a USB dongle and if they support USB mass storage, the computer can then view the phones as regular flash drives.

Now, some phones – the Nokia N8 inclusive – can take the role of the Computer and you can then plug in a USB Flash Drive to the phone and view, copy, paste or delete files in the Flash drive without the need of a computer. This doesn’t end there; you could also connect a second phone to the Nokia N8 via the phone’s USB mass storage settings and your N8 shall also see it as a Flsah drive to view its files and folder structure. Just watch the video.


In the video the Nokia N8 is used to play music and video from a USB memory card and the Nokia C5.

USB On-The-Go is a real killer feature. It removes the need for a computer to act as a middleman to copy files between devices. Other features that may be a possibility for USB On-The-Go includes connecting an ordinary PC keyboard or an external USB hard drive to your N8. If these are true then the possibilities are endless. And of course, I can’t wait for the N8 to come so I will purchase one!

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  1. I ve said it before that this is my most anticipated phone this year…..with this feature, I just keep salivating more and more for it.

  2. I haven’t watched the video, but this is good news.

    All that is left now is for us to see how much of an improvement the new Symbian ^3 is over S60 5th Edition. If Symbian ^3 performs, a side-sliding QWERTY version of the N8 will be a runaway hit.

    I understand that the N810 has the same functionaility and can use a USB keyboard. Hopefully, the next Maemo/MeeGo device will have th(s same feature.

  3. Yet another example of the relentless push of monster smartphones into the realm of conventional computers.

    Since usb devices communicate in a standardised and orderly manner. it means we are progressively, relentlessly and ineexorably leaving behind the era of PCs/laptops -as we currently have it.

    practically all the major pc- era companies are joining the smartphone bandwagon.

    With powerful processors like the SnapDragon, monster flash memory capacity like 32gigabytes and connectivity options like HDMI, tv-out & full USB, we can finally do away with the arguments of screen and keyboard size limitations impeding the ability of smart phones totality supplanting the PC any time soon.
    the future is HERE…

  4. @ Yomi Adegboye. It appears you are in love with your neat Maemo/MeeGo UI/OS. Also you always prefer a side sliding QWERTY keyboard. As for me, I love the N8 as it is. I prefer plain large TOuchscreen (Preferable multi-touch), un-encumbered by the bulk of a QWERTY keypad!

  5. Afewgoodmen, that’s because what I am after is a capable mobile computer running on a powerful OS. Maemo is such an OS, and a QWERTY keyboard is required if one is serious about real work.

    S60 has always been a dumbed-down OS compared to others. Back in the day, Symbian S80 (think Nokia 9500 communicator) was my favourite, followed by Symbian UIQ (think Sony Ericsson P-series). Those were true mobile computing platforms, but they have both been phased out. The only truly powerful mobile OS left then was Windows Mobile.

    So far, Maemo has proven to be everything I want in a mobile OS. Whatever will woo me away from Maemo has to be extra-ordinarilly good. I doubt that Symbian^3 will provide such a compelling device. But then again, I could be wrong.

  6. This is the phone i am dreaming about with a Usb functionality, smartphone, but nokia N900 is still the powerful because of it brower and other functionality. This phone have make up the deficit on smartphone industries…usb port . That great.

  7. I just watched the video, and it actually has the hdmi port, never been a fan of nokia phones, but I might just give the N8 a shot.

  8. Yomi, you said,

    “QWERTY keyboard is required if one is serious about real work.”

    I suppose , by that, you mean lots of data entry.

    For anybody who does a lot of data entry, I enthusiastically recommend a combination of a touchscreen phone AND a data entry software like: Dasur SlideIt, DayHand or Input, Swype, let me modify a cliche and say, ‘YUSING is believing’.

    They represent an innovative/ alternative approach to accurate data entry.

    for people that accurate spelling does not come intuitively or naturally, they will come in really handy. they all autocomplete/ auto suggest words – as you ‘ slide’.

    It is debateable whether this data entry method is faster or not. But it is indisputable that it eliminates almost all spelling errors. they would also reduce the risk of REPETITIVE MOTION SYNDROME {is DeolaDoctor there?} so you just slide across the screen- rather than ‘bang’ away at your phone keyboard!

    If you notice almost no spelling mistakes in my writeups recently and henceforth, it is courtesy of Dasur SlideIt – Symbian S60 5th edition…….

  9. At the D8 Digital conference, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs said in the near future, one out of every few people will need a computer. I totally agree with his view.

    Advances in chips and softwares now allow mobile phones to perform tasks that were suited only for traditional computers.

    The future Mr Jobs was talking about is already here.

  10. @EyeBeeKay. Good write-up my man. I still manage to do some work on a plain touch screen phone without any QWERTY keyboard whatsoever. I also understand Yomi’s point. But then third party spelling check and auto correct apps mentioned by you above makes up for any deficiencies.

    Like I said before, the N8 is a phone to have. And I bet you, it is going to beat Maemo or Meego hands down. If you watch this video and others on Nokia N8, you’ll appreciate that it can match the maemo platform any time. The Symbian 3 UI is suave and should I say much better than the bland and former Nokia Symbian series 60.

  11. Hahaha…. I feel you EyeBeeKay, and since I still use nokia 5800 for my day to day activities (minus web browsing – this function has been taken over by my motoQ + starcomms), I cannot but agree with you fully on this one. However, there is something about hardware qwerty that just takes hold of you and wouldn’t let you go. I think it has to do with the accuracy and the tactile feedback.

  12. still talking about input methods on phones [an PCs!], an often overlooked method is voice input.

    VLingo is such an application. as phone processors get more powerful , speech2 text translation on mobile devices should improve drastically.

    one of the problems of adopting mobile devices as a primary communication tool is miniature keyboards and small screens. advanced voice recognition systems would almost completely solve the first problem. full usb connectivity would partially solve the second [by connecting the phone to a full sized monitor/ laptop – via usb]

    i tried such a phone- based voice2text application some time ago on a nokia 3250 [symbian 60, 3rd edition], and it worked surprisingly well {after voice-training the software}

    maybe such software will eventually get so good that this my post could be dictated entirely, rather than composed.

    my reservation to its mainstream adoption is that people in the immediate vicinity may mistake your dictation into your smartphone as an attack of somnambulism, or worse, cerebral malfunction!
    there is also the issue of privacy when in the company of others.

    typing, sliding, or voice input ? would prefer these in reverse order…

  13. I am really trying to get my self to really like the N8, I just got a htc hd2 with a 4.3 inches screen, it will just be so hard to settle for anything with a smaller screen size…please convince me to get the N8…

  14. USB-on-the-move will be feature that’ll make smart phones closer to the PC. Mobiles are truly the future.Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  15. This feature totally blows away my mind. I use the iphone. But I don’t think that the iphone can have this feature in the next 3 years! THis is the very reason why I need to migrate to the Nokia N8 whenever it comes out!

    Samsung Bada and the Wave, Please take note. i will Surely divorce you!!!

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