The Nokia N9 is coming to Nigeria

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A few days ago, in a Twitter chat, someone in the know told me that the Nokia N9 was heading to Nigeria. He went further to say that the sales dummies were already in the country.

Last night, an official source confirmed to me that indeed the Nokia N9 is coming to Nigeria.

MeeGo fans, start saving now!

In the meantime, you expect my usual detailed reviews as soon as I get my hands on one!


  1. When Yomi said this on twitter last night, I had a mild mental orgasm. No kidding. I started saving immediately by not buying suya as my dinner. it’s gonna be awesome!

  2. I wonder if someone can safely call himself a meego fan. As far as i know, there is no commercially succesful device running meego… at least not yet. The hands on videos we saw of meego Harmattan running on the N9 was AWESOME!! but i’ll really love some more detailed review and maybe a hands on myself before making a decision on it

  3. Woohooo… This is great news. “mr orgasm” easy o…the phone hasn’t gotten close to our shores yet… Lol

  4. I don’t think meego supports home screens though. so it’ll probably have a more iOS like UI

  5. when i say home screen, i mean a space for widgets. Does meego support widgets? and does harmattan (the OS on n9) support widgets too?
    Also, can meamo/meego harmattan be upgraded to meego 1.2 on the n9?

  6. This is one of the reasons I love nokia. Nigeria is such an important market to them. They sometimes even allow us to pre-order. Nice.

  7. The launch price in south Africa will be almost 6000 rand. That’s almost 110,000 Naira. Of course, south African prices are generally more expensive, but I hope the N9 price doesn’t exceed 80k when it arrives Nigeria.

  8. I believe eventually the people behind the NITDroid projet will port it to the N9 or we could pray for OpenMobile’s Application Compatibility layer to be released to consumers so we can run andriod apps.

  9. I won’t buy one because I know that meego is dead by 2012 when the world will be bound by nokia’s WP7. Who’ll waste his time producing nokia’s meego applications for only one phone-Nokia N9 ?

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