The Note 7 Rebels have refused to return their Samsung Note 7 phones

A number of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners have refused to turn in the dangerous devices and have banded into a group with activities online. Naming themselves the Note 7 Rebels Group, this set of people describe themselves as “passionate Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners who have decided not to turn in their Note 7”.

No; I am not kidding. The group has a website and a Facebook Group to further their association. This is the Note 7 Rebels group logo:

Note 7 rebels

If for any reason you have been unaware of the issues surrounding the Galaxy Note 7, here is a brief recap: the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has recorded a significant number of combustions and explosions since it hit the market. Eventually, Samsung recalled the device. But things were so bad that aviation authorities in some places have banned the device on flights.

Despite the official statements by aviation authorities and the recall by Samsung, some users of the Note 7 have refused to return their devices. A friend mentioned to me that his cousin is among those users who have refused to return their Note 7. At some point, Samsung threatened to remotely disable any un-returned Note 7 devices.

Not returning a device that has had a high rate of fire incidences seems like a very risky thing for anyone to do. But what do we know? The Note 7 Rebels are here and they are not giving up the devices they love so much. Love has never been known to be rational. But you can’t argue that this is the kind of love that everyone is looking for – love that holds on to you regardless of your dark side. *raises glass* A toast to love.

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