A number of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners have refused to turn in the dangerous devices and have banded into a group with activities online.

The Note 7 Rebels have refused to return their Samsung Note 7 phones

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A number of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners have refused to turn in the dangerous devices and have banded into a group with activities online. Naming themselves the Note 7 Rebels Group, this set of people describe themselves as “passionate Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners who have decided not to turn in their Note 7”.

No; I am not kidding. The group has a website and a Facebook Group to further their association. This is the Note 7 Rebels group logo:

Note 7 rebels

If for any reason you have been unaware of the issues surrounding the Galaxy Note 7, here is a brief recap: the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has recorded a significant number of combustions and explosions since it hit the market. Eventually, Samsung recalled the device. But things were so bad that aviation authorities in some places have banned the device on flights.

Despite the official statements by aviation authorities and the recall by Samsung, some users of the Note 7 have refused to return their devices. A friend mentioned to me that his cousin is among those users who have refused to return their Note 7. At some point, Samsung threatened to remotely disable any un-returned Note 7 devices.

Not returning a device that has had a high rate of fire incidences seems like a very risky thing for anyone to do. But what do we know? The Note 7 Rebels are here and they are not giving up the devices they love so much. Love has never been known to be rational. But you can’t argue that this is the kind of love that everyone is looking for – love that holds on to you regardless of your dark side. *raises glass* A toast to love.


  1. Canada, Australia and the US networks are going to turn the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 into a paperweight through OTA updates.

    They would simply be disabled.

    But some rebels are even circumventing this! .

    Love can be truly blind. And foolish….

  2. You say: “significant number of combustions and explosions”

    Define: “significant number”

    Define: “explosions”

    How many “explosions”?

  3. The problem is Samsung is not giving a fair exchange. I would lose money on the exchange. The percentage of the explosive phones is low…. iphones explosions have also been reported… until Samsung comes out with a fair exchange program I will be holding on to my Note 7 until the Note 8 comes out. I would expexct a exchange with no extra cost add to the consumer.

  4. Mr. Mobility you’re being an ignorant jerk, I’m not a troll and I’m not into insulting tech bloggers but you deserve it.
    1. Maybe some people believe the Note7 is the best handset on the market and anything else is a downgrade(I certainly do)
    2. Maybe some people aren’t convinced that the phone is dangerous (I certainly an NOT)
    3. Some of us knife the difference C4/ dynamite/ grenades/ landmines and phone batteries, the former explode and the latter catches fire ( obviously you don’t) please give me a credible eyewitness who’s seen a phone explode?
    4. Some of us think for ourselves and did the math , less than 100 out 2.5 million alleged battery fires means you stand a better chance of getting hit by a car on the way to return your phone to the store than it exploding (obviously you can’t)
    5. None of us was given any concrete facts giving the actual reason for the alleged malfunctions ( I’m assuming you have)
    6. Some of us know that just because you disagree with something doesn’t give you right to ridicule or disrespect , especially with NO concrete facts on the table ( obviously that life lesson skipped you)
    7. Yes I’m a member of the Note7 Rebels group ( I’m sure you’re not)

  5. ZERO explosions. I suggest you look up the definition. They do NOT explode. Morons this past weekend believed that a publicity stunt video released showed that CeeLo Green had a Note 7 to his ear and it exploded. It was all a stunt for a new project. This is what media moron hype has brought to the table on this subject and you sir are a moron. There were a mere handful of incidents and you’re far, FAR more likely to get into an automobile accident or struck by lightning even. Other phones have also had combustion episodes.

  6. My Note7 is perfect I waited a long time for it I owned many Apple since they started Steve Jobs pass so Innovation stopped I tried LG then my Note7 best smartphone I owned to date never gets hot under heavy use only warm it’s not swollen which would indicate the batteries are expanding from overheating could cause them to short out and catch fire but not even the case with my Note7 I always monitoring the temp ,now there going to send out an update to make it a BRICK so wrong samsung should send out a update that would turn phone off if battery temp gets to high there should be a temp sensor built it my iPhone would pop up telling me temp to high its a no brainer and it did shut off, but anyway If this happens I have no choice but to give in & take it Back , SAMSUNG should offer replacement of a Note8 or 8Edge if not available a loaner Edge7 till they are available it’s the right thing to due & keep your $100.00 SAMSUNG!!! Down gradings not an option Customer Satisfaction should come 1st period!!

  7. First, the media started falsely advertising that the Note 7 exploded. But by definition an object that explodes should be into multiple parts, and if you at ALL the Pictures of the “Note 7 Exploded”, the Note 7 STILL still on one piece. Even when they drop the Note 7 from a 1000 FT, it remained in one piece. Second, why Samsung didn’t push back when they discovered that all those cases were FAKE. They are a big company, they should have the balls to push back on all that FAKE propaganda by the media. Third, the RECALL process was a mess, Samsung should contact and coordinate any exchange straight to their customers, it should also have service centers like Apple does. Four, ANY EXCHANGE should be for an equivalent or better device, DOWNGRADE IS NOT AN OPTION. Five, it existing Note 7 want to KEEP their Note 7 because Samsung didn’t offer an equal or better device, they should let us keep it and offer a free upgrade when an equivalent of or better device gets available WITHOUT any due Dates or additional cost.
    Six, Samsung need to start making their customers happy, no their wireless services providers. They need to focus on building a relationship with their users, their biggest customers!!!

  8. Commissioner Ebrahim Mohamed says investigators will meet with the Samsung again at the end of the month to assess its progress.
    “We were concerned about the number of phones that were involved. The initial amount of about 55 was reduced to 23.” There’s reports of half a dozen other phone models catching fire just this year. Anything with a lithium ion battery can explode/catch fire and if the rate is 1 in 1 million or 1 in 22,000 it just depends on how many models are sold as to how widespread it is or if anyone even finds out about it.

  9. So you admit that Samsung have treated you like a fool by expecting you to lose out because of a fault that is THEIR problem. You paid alot of money for that device, and to thank you for that they want to screw you over, when the problem isn’t even your fault. They’ve treated you with utter contempt and proved that they don’t care about you. Yet come next year you’re still going to give them all your money again?! You’re a doormat. They’re laughing at you.

  10. 1. Maybe some people should get a life and not act as if giving up their Note 7 would be the end of their life? Tell me, before you owned your Note 7, were you unable to live your life? Did you struggle to get through the day and live a pathetic existence when you had your previous phone? No? So why are you acting like having another phone is going to mean your life ends? And if what Samsung is offering you is a downgrade then all I can say is that they are treating you like a fool expecting you to lose out when it’s THEIR problem. So in that case all you can do is never buy a Samsung phone again after they’ve treated you with such contempt, right? If you buy another Samsung phone after being treated that way then you are a doormat.

    2. Well it certainly seems like Samsung think it’s dangerous, and they know way more about their phone than you do. Or are you suggesting that Samsung recalled and then scrapped the device, costing them billions and making them look stupid, when there isn’t even a problem with the phone? That would be really dumb wouldn’t it?

    3. No, the phone doesn’t explode, it sets on fire. Is that supposed to be ok?

    4. Samsung are obviously the worst company in history as they have apparently scrapped a phone for no reason then.

    5. How is you not knowing any facts a good reason for you to keep the phone?

    6. Some of us know that “Note 7 rebels” seem very touchy about people questioning their intelligence. Maybe if they handed a phone back when it’s been recalled, instead of holding onto it like it’s the most important thing in their sad lives and they will cease to function without it, they wouldn’t be mocked and ridiculed. You can’t act like a child that’s having a toy taken off it and not expect to get people laughing at you.

    7. Now there’s a surprise…

  11. The bigger picture is a real WORRY.
    When does a phone or any other items belong to you?

    If we consider what Samsung has done, it’s like using and electronic Hammer to smash your phone.

    If you paid cash or purchased the phone out right, do you think it’s yours to do with as you wish?, think again if your property can be accessed and bricked …without your consent, then I think not, so to me it’s no different from criminal damage….however worthy the cause.

    Lets flip this around a little and see how this turn any car lover into a mad nutcase overnight….
    Your purchased the latest 2017 top of the Line Mercedes, it’s the best car you have ever owned in every way a car can be judged
    After 3 months the company announce they have had a issue with the car that can possible cause an issue that would cause a battery to explode.

    They cannot find the cause for it after 0.01% of cars sold have had issues, so they decide to recall.

    Many people take there cars back for a full refund and purchase an older 2016 that’s no where near the car their 2017 is.

    Others believe that own their car and wish to continue to drive it, loving it every day.

    Suddenly they wake one morning and find out their cars software has been updated overnight and the car doesn’t run……

    Are you mad yet?,

    Its your car right?, it’s your phone right?

    Using an electronic Hammer is no different from using a real one, it’s criminal …deliberate damage to your property……

    Image the car dealerships if this was done!

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