The official Windows Phone 8.1 specs sheet

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Are you a Windows Phone OS fan and have been waiting with excitement for official details of what to expect from the upcoming version 8.1 update? We have compiled everything right here for your convenience.

  • Independent volume controls – the ability to control your ringer volume separately from your media volume
  • Cortana – Windows Phone’s personal virtual assistant, ever learning about you in order to assist you better, and interacts with all apps, including 3rd party ones
  • Skype: now integrated with the Phone dialer and with Cortana
  • Action Centre – notifications and quick access to settings
  • Custom Tile Backgrounds
  • Lock screen Themes
  • Internet Explorer 11 – able to upload files through IE 11, with the browser also supporting WebGL and YouTube’s HTML5 video player
  • Calendar – redesigned
  • Word Flow keyboard – similar to SwiftKey, allowing users to swipe over letters on a keyboard. It is reported that Word Flow Keyboard has overthrown Swype as the OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD holder for mobile typing. That was fast!
  • Quiet Hours – you can set any period of the day when you want only a certain group of people to be able to reach you
  • Low-end CPU support – new support for not so powerful processors such as the Snapdragon 200 and 400, making it possible to produce much more affordable low-end smartphones
  • On-screen Software Keys – Search, Start and Back
  • VPN support
  • People Hub, Email and Accounts – improved, with support for S/MIME secure email, and we’ve broadened our support for different account types, now including iCloud
  • Data Sense, Wi-Fi Sense, Storage Sense, and Battery Saver – new features to help you get the most out of your data allowance, battery life and storage

The Windows Phone 8.1 update should hit existing (and qualified) phones in “a few months”. Nokia says that 8.1 is coming to ALL Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8. New devices running Windows Phone 8.1 will start shipping in about a month’s time. Windows Phone OS is about to get a whole lot better.


  1. Cool. am becoming more interested in WP news n info. neva thought I’d find myself on d platform

  2. The next few months I’ll be waiting with bated breath for the release of the L930, a worthy replacement to my L820!

  3. I wonder when Windowsphone will allow us choose a default browser when we click on URLs …

    They fix that, and a copy of other silly restrictions, and I may just start considering giving this platform a go, some day….

  4. Yeah, Windows Phone is gradually maturing but there are still some vital deliberate omissions that I think are very important to new and those will simply make Windows Phone unattractive for me yet. Microsoft don’t truly believe that this a true post-PC era and are reserving the other features for their desktop PC operating system.

    It could also be the general move to making our PCs less accessible to us so that their other cloud business will take off and start booming to the detriment of the consumers’ pockets.

  5. I know what you mean. I’ve been waiting for the L930 too. In fact, I’d planned to wait 4 or 5 months after its release for the price to come down before buying.

    Unfortunately my L920 has finally had enough of my indiscriminately allowing it to fall to the floor and a week ago the screen finally cracked. I still want to wait to get the L930 and can manage the cracked screen but the real problem is that the fall seems to have messed up the mic as well. It’s sensitivity fluctuates unpredictably.

    So now, do I:
    – Manage a phone with a poor mic till the L930 is released and buy it at launch price (i can hear my pocket saying “ouch” to that idea).
    – Forget the L930 and buy a L1520 now (don’t like phablets and again “ouch”)
    – Forget the L930 and buy a L925 now (not exactly an upgrade, is it)

    What to do, what to do?!?

  6. If you’re already a WP8 user, you don’t actually have to wait months for the 8.1 update. Anyone that has signed up for the Developer Preview (free of charge) will get the update sometime this month. Its not yet clear what day exactly. Some say it’ll be available next week, others say end of the month. I’m hoping for next week.

    The Developer Preview comes directly from Microsoft and bypasses Carriers and EOMS like Nokia, HTC, etc. This means the update will contain WP8.1 alone, without any additional firmware from the EOMs. Its a shortcut Microsoft came up with to allow it send OS updates to its phones quickly without any middlemen like Apple does with IOS and Google does with Nexus devices.

    P.s: Anyone that installs the Developer Preview will still be able to get the EOM firmware whenever it becomes available for download.

  7. “Internet Explorer 11 – able to upload files through IE 11, with the browser also supporting WebGL and YouTube’s HTML5 video player”

    welcome Microsoft, to 2011

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