You have probably read tons of articles about 10, 5, or 250 things that women want from men. I think that the higher the number

The one thing every woman wants in a man

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You have probably read tons of articles about 10, 5, or 250 things that women want from men. I think that the higher the number of things wanted, the more difficult it is to achieve. Being the good guy, I have helped everyone narrow the requirements down to just ONE. That way, you can focus all your energies on this one thing and perhaps increase your chances of success.

Women claim to love talking and communicating, but for the most part, they are poor at expressing how they feel in words. If a woman is into you, she is likely to keep quiet about it or poke fun at you a lot. She is likely to stand aloof and expect you to figure it out while other ladies flock around you. If she wants you to take her to bed, chances are that she will sit beside (or in front of you) acting like she does not even want to see you. And if she wants you to stand by her or fight for her, she is likely to tell you to get out of her life.

The only thing that every woman wants in a man is a mind-reader. Simple. Yes; every woman needs her man to possess the mutant powers of Professor Charles Xavier of the X-men.


If you can mind-read a woman, chances are that you will be able to meet all her needs.

The problem is that all this thing goes against the norms of communications that your dear parents, schools and society taught you, so it can be shocking trying to live like this. One minute, your woman is communicating straight about everything else on the planet, and the next she is yelling at you when what she really wants you to do is take her in your arms. I have seen men get close to the edge of insanity attempting to play Charles Xavier.

Those of you who successfully mind-read your women are the real heroes and should be celebrated. Can you please stand up to be counted?

  1. ??????
    So where does all this leave us men then ’cause I sure as hell can’t & won’t mind read her.
    Been doing that for years. A frustrating exercise, mind you & one most women take relish in keeping us at it!!
    Not again.

  2. I read a novel by Ted Albeury.. ‘The only good German is a dead German.’

    Well, the only men that can read women and their minds correctly , are all in the cemetery .

    Like OBJ asked on campaign grounds, ‘Umoru’, are you dead?’ I would ask Mr. Mo too , ‘Are you dead?’

  3. Hhnmm…reading minds. I tried , i failed. But guess what? I can’t stop trying except I want wahala. I have had few successes though. Very few.

  4. And..and I came here expecting to have something very nice and tangible. Happy that I’ll have finally gotten a step closer to figuring out the other sex and making them swoon, oh well. One thing is sure, I definitely can’t read minds and I won’t even bother

  5. Sista Christianne,

    Sorry o. But Jesus the Christ didn’t die to give man the ability to read minds. Last time I checked, the gifts of the Spirit did not include telepathy. Duh! The peace of the Lord be with you 😀

  6. Saiddigge,

    Lookatyew. You want to make women swoon? Learn to read them. I promise you, you will have ANY woman eating out of your hands. You are young and can still re-programme. As an old cargo, there is no hope for me. But you….go for it!

  7. Funny enough I have met men who do exactly the same thing – quite a lot! There are some people who’s communication skills are poor, you have to guess they’re interested in you. I am rubbish at guessing. And I don’t expect any one to read my mind.

    One thing someone taught me years ago is tell a guy straight if you’re interested in him. If he’s sending mixed messages, all the more reason to ask. Life is too short to waste time.

    But Christianne is right – y’all need Jesus *runs away*

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