The Patent Wars Worsen With Nokia Getting Aggressive Too

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You probably know the drill. This patent brawling started like a big joke, but has now snowballed into really bad mud fights. It is the way things go in life. Someone starts a trend, and everyone else jumps in.

In recent news, Nokia has filed suits against RIM (makers of BlackBerry) over infringement of WiFi patents in their devices. News has it that in an earlier arbitration at the Swedish Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, it was ruled that RIM “is not entitled to manufacture or sell products compatible with the WLAN standard without first agreeing with Nokia on the royalty to be paid for its manufacture and/or sale of subscriber terminals compatible with such standards”.

However, RIM is still selling its devices without reaching such an agreement with Nokia, so Nokia is pulling out the big guns and now wants the law to enforce their rights.

That is the drill. I feared that Nokia would start to pull its weight like this some day. The Finish brand has such a powerful array of patents in the field of mobile technology that everyone else would be target practice for them. WiFi? Oh boy!!!! Let’s just line up Apple, Sony, Motorola, HTC, and all the others…..

It is getting messier, guys.



  1. I remember reading something about this lawsuit, it has to do with an old patent cross licensing agreement between nokia and RIM in which the latter party has failed to leave up their part of the bargain.

    To me intellectually property is crucial and those that want to use it should pay up for it.

  2. This could turn really bad for RIM, given that their new line of phones and new OS are around the corner that should help them revive the platform. It will be very bad if they allow the ban of the new products even before they are launched.

  3. it would probably eat into RIMs projected profit a bit.

    pay Nokia a few dollars per handset, and all is well.

    Yes, the patent war is now truly infectious!

  4. Other phone manufacturers are probably already paying some form of royalty or have some other sort of agreement with Nokia. Don’t see how they wouldn’t ‘cos a lot of the underlying technologies found in modern phones were invented by Nokia and they own the patents to back it up.
    This is another reasdon why Nokia isn’t in as precarious a situation as RIM. They could always become a patent troll 😀

  5. Nokia full support from me, infact oil your T77, RPGs Artillery weapons and grenade etc at RIM. Time they show some respect

  6. I remember in years gone by, Sendo, an upcoming phone manufacturer was killed in infancy due to the same patent rights problem. Nokia has not always been the sleeping giant as we thought.

    Now that Nokia is feeling some heat, it’s time for some patent war games. 😀

    It’s gidigbo fight time folks! Roll out the war drums.

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