The perfect display size, according to Apple

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Here is Apple’s take on the perfect display size, as captured by someone:

perfect display size

I think he nailed it nicely. Your thoughts?


  1. It’s Of Course Foolish Of Any Company To Imagine It Knows What Is Best For The Customers.

    But Apple Has Shown That .. You Can Be Foolish And Still Be Right.. Especially When Dealing With Children With The Physical Attributes Of Adults.

    Yes; I Would Rather Be Foolish And Rich.. Rather Than Be Perspicacious And Struggling.

    Apple Should Be The New World Religion… Worthy Of Studying In Religious Establishments..

    I Believe Christiandom, Islam, Money, Boko Haram And The Other Religions Have Plenty To Learn About Being Foolish And Still Having Multitudinous Captives…

  2. spot on, before 2012 Steve Jobs insisted that the perfect display size was 3.5″ since users typically held their phones at a distance of 2 feet (or less) from their face. and the Apple masses agreed. 2012, it became 4″, again the Apple masses agreed. 2014, it’s 4.7″ (and 5.5″), and the Apple masses have agreed (once again). not slating Apple for moving with the times, dynamism is essential to continued success. but they should drop the ideal/perfect display size rhetoric, no OEM is going to determine the perfect display size, different consumers have different use cases, so there’s no ideal/perfect display size or resolution

  3. You guys are not getting it. This is evolution thing, human have evolved since then and their hands and fingers have grown, so the screen sizes of their phones have to grow too to compensate for this.

    There are two screen sizes, the smaller 4.7″ is for those who are late in the evolution thing. Apple always know what’s best for their consumers and if you are having issue with this, then you are not worthy of wearing the invaluable iSheep crown.

  4. “Yes; I Would Rather Be Foolish And Rich.. Rather Than Be Perspicacious And Struggling.”
    I like that comment.
    Apple is just a product company with a very good marketing strategy that works for it. So as Samsung and some pained bloggers mock Apple, they keep on making their billions.

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