The Phablet And The Selfie

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The phablet is winning in the market. Large screen smartphones of size ranging from 5 inches to 6.9 inches are all the rave. Phablets are doing so well in the market that small sized tablet sales have suffered significantly. I have never found a use for a tablet – especially the 7 and 8-inch types, and I have always believed that most people have no real need for one either.

At first, only high end devices ever made phablet territory. But eventually, manufacturers caught up with the fact that a lot of people besides millionaires want one too. And so, the mid-range phablet was born. In the high end range are the Lumia 1520, Galaxy Note 3, and the like. At the mid range are the Lumia 1320 and HTC Desire 816. While not everyone can afford a high end phablet, at least, now many people who want a large display can get a mid range unit.

The benefits of a phablet are directly related to the size of the display. And that is where the challenge of the selfie comes in. A selfie is a photograph taken of oneself with a smartphone and usually uploaded to a social media platform. If you have ever tried taking a selfie with a 5.5-inch or 6-inch smartphone before, you would know exactly what this is all about.

It is bad enough that many people have to twist their necks in order to be able to take a selfie with standard-sized phones. The size and weight of the phablet often mean that you have to do a delicate dance to position it with both hands before then attempting to keep a steady hand as you take the shot. It is almost a comical procedure. Yes; this is less so with the smaller size phablets, but once you get to the 5.5-inch line, it is a real battle.

Having a mirror to stand in front of somewhat makes it a little bit less tricky, and having big hands like mine will help too, though it will not entirely eliminate the awkwardness. Still, this is the age of the phablet and the selfie. We must find a way to marry the two. Here’s a Mo selfie dedicated to all phablet users:

I do think that I look a tweeny little bit like Sean Combs AKA Puff Daddy AKA Diddy AKA P. Diddy. What do you think?

So, dear phablet owners, how have you coped taking your awesome selfies with your huge smartphones? Has your phablet ever fallen out of your hand while attempting one? Please share your experiences.

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