It seems to me that the human race is wired to fight. Tribe and against tribe. Nation against nation. And even in times of peace,

The Platform/Brand Wars

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It seems to me that the human race is wired to fight. Tribe and against tribe. Nation against nation. And even in times of peace, when our countries have laid down arms against one another, we cook up fights over every and any thing. And so, we have the gender wars – that eternal battle between male and female. We are at war with the animal kingdom too. There’s sibling rivalry, the war between children born of the same parents. Football rivalry. And the one that concerns us here on MOBILITY is the brand/platform wars: Android versus BlackBerry versus Symbian/Belle versus iOS versus…. Well, you get the picture.

I am not sure that anything that anyone says or does will ever put an end to human beings waging these wars. Not even when the common sense solution is staring us right in the face. We love to go head-to-head, to strive, and to beat down the other.

For example, the brand/platform wars would cease if everyone embraced the following simple fact:

Every mobile platform and every device has shortcomings. You pick the one whose shortcomings you can live with.

It is just so plain to see. Yet, I know that the wars shall rage on continually, because we love the feeling or illusion of superiority that comes from believing that our choice is better. Like kids, we scream and yell, “My daddy can beat your daddy” or “Our house is bigger than your house!”

To arms then. May the wars continue. To arms! Till the death!!


  1. Mr. Mo obviously enjoys these wars even if he doesn’t like getting involved directly nowadays. I could remember making comments that could have passed unnoticed, only for Mr. Mo to pour fuel on it by highlighting the implications of all the salient points and sitting back to enjoy the ensuing war.

    But this is not a very harmful war and we can learn one or two things at times and maybe even exorcise some group of people under the ispell of the marketing brios from a company that understands human nature more than other companies.

    And could that be a mere coincidence, I mean brios and iOS? That could be the focal point of Apple’s business with iOS devices. Push the products into the market with brios and label the underlying software brios, but with the first two letters removed. LOL.

  2. which one is brios again o, my Prof? #taps dictionary icon #

    anyway, like I have always opined, you can not win an argument.

    one of the tenets of good human relations is to avoid arguments, but who cares?

    a sage once said a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

    you can advance all the logic of Plato. where ego, pride or emotion is concerned, logic flies out the Windows95!

    but, living all that aside, it is a fact that there are certified iSheep, Fandroids, blackberroids, and WindowPhilliacs!

    you are not likely to find any geek that does not fall into one (or two) of these broad categories.

    some are more pugnacious about their platform of choice, like fAndroids, some are taciturn and stubbornly docile like the iSheep, while the blackberroids fall somewhere in between.

    finally, i think evangelizing platform agnosticism is self delusory.

    we all have our brand / platform of preference, even if we are not all vociferous about it.

  3. People know what they like and what they don’t like, they will malign. It’s that simple.

    So it is even in love. I knew women who couldn’t stand the man they eventually grew to love and marry. Such is life.

    No brand pays for my loyalty so I am free to love across the divide. Blackberry, Android, I see you too Windows Phone…oh yeah baby *plays synthesized OS Love music*

  4. Human beings are naturally stubborn, unpredictable and amazing.

    In the Tech World, there is nothing like the best and better is certainly arguable.

  5. I feel it shows lack of what to do with quality time (joblessness) for anyone to take up mobile platform wars. It’s all over the cyberspace, however I feel anyone who tries to make others believe their platform is better is better its just an idiot. In Nigeria today, Boko Haram wants the president and Christians to change to Islam because BH feels Islam should be the religion of everyone. So to those who feel iOS is better than android or vice versa, you are all stupid.

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