I was on my way out this morning and was driving past a roundabout when I noticed a car that was causing an obstruction on

The Police too now use cameraphones

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I was on my way out this morning and was driving past a roundabout when I noticed a car that was causing an obstruction on the second lane because the driver had attempted to shunt. Apparently, the traffic light had turned red at a bad time and he had tried to get back in the proper lane but failed. A police woman approached the car, whipping out her phone and took pictures of the scene, including a close-up shot of the car’s license plate. This is a case of what is good for the goose being good for the gander. Citizens have learnt to use camera phones in the fight against Police corruption, and the Police have learnt to use the camera phone to obtain evidence against violators.

I wouldn’t like to be in that motorist’s shoes, because the evidence was damning. Don’t forget that those pictures will bear time stamps, and in cases where the phone has geo-tagging enabled, they will also bear location co-ordinates. Very damning evidence. Now, whether she was actually going to use it as part of official police work or for leverage to extort money from the motorist is a different matter. One thing is sure, that driver was in trouble.

Of course, I remember that as far back as 2008 when I was involved in an automobile accident in which an over-speeding commercial “danfo” bus driver lost control, crossed the median of the dual carriageway and totalled my car, Police officers used a camera phone to take shots of the accident scene as part of their records. Still, it is a good thing to see mobile technology being put to use by all and sundry.

The camera phone – disrupting everything since…..


  1. … Since the nokia 3650 was launched. That’s the 1st camera phone I saw. 🙂

    Good one by the police officer who’s gadget/tech-compliant.
    My dad would always Say, try not to be so much in a hurry, that time you didn’t have to stick to the rules will be more than abundant when you have to spend time at the clinic or at the police station or in a law court.

  2. insa! meaning this very bad! in Arabic Chris, kai even now I imagine the deepest mess this driver is in. Anybody the camera phone catches, police or citizen, always dont go scot free! Ask the police guy soliciting 25k

  3. Imagine a police officer using any of the Pureview cameras, the culprit will be surprised how much detail the camera can capture even in low light conditions.

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