In order to properly review a product or solution, there is the need to actually use the product or solution – and for a significant

The power of a single review

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In order to properly review a product or solution, there is the need to actually use the product or solution – and for a significant period of time – in order to be able to form a valid opinion about the product and solution.

This is exactly what we do here at Mobility Nigeria. Right from day one, Yomi has abided by the principle that he will never publish a review of a product that he hasn’t used himself and he’ll never allow a Mobility Nigeria team member to do the same. As a result, our readers have come to trust our opinions on the products that we review.

We have received requests from manufacturers and retailers asking us to write reviews of their products. In one instance, the retailer asked us to go through their website and write a review of any of the phones listed there. We would do no such thing and we stood our ground despite their insistence. Our refusal also meant that the retailer pulled their ad off the Mobility Nigeria website.

We consider the advert loss a small trade-off for excellence and trust.

There are websites all over the place with “reviews” based on nothing but the manufacturer’s specifications of devices. Those are not reviews and do not reflect true pictures of the devices in real life situations.

Remember that when you read a phone review on Mobility Nigeria, you are reading a review based on real-life usage. It is one of those things that have earned us our reputation in the industry. Another is the fact that we endeavour to be objective in our evaluations of devices, regardless of whether or not a device in question is the type of device that the reviewer would purchase for himself.

power of review

The power of a Mobility Nigeria Review

We have observed a trend here. Right after we publish a phone review, that specific phone enjoys an increase in sales in our phone store.

As such, we have come to appreciate the power of a single review. When reviews are properly done, interested buyers are well informed and those who find the review devices to be what they need are able to comfortably part with their hard-earned funds, knowing that they are not taking a walk in the dark.

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  1. Very true indeed. You guys publish the best phone reviews of any nigerian website, and even better than some foreign ones. You truly deserve multiple pats on your back. When i tell people that i bought my phone from you in Lagos and trusted you to transport it to Abuja, they are shocked. They dont appreciate the level of trust, dignity and diligence you have built over the years.
    Long live! May its values never die or be compromised!

  2. Spacyzuma,

    Thanks. Still, without the likes of yourself and several others who recognize and appreciate those values, we’d be nowhere.

    Just last Thursday, someone in Port Harcourt was referred to Mobility Nigeria. He placed an order for two HTC HD7 smartphones and paid over N200,000 for same into our account same day. The phones are on their way to PH as we speak.

    Such trust overwhelms even me. It makes us even more determined to uphold those precious values that we have operated by for years.

  3. I use a samsung B7320 OMNIA Pro smartphone,and I can still recall that I took that decision to purchase the phone few days after you published that article on your smartphone of the year 2009.
    Your reviews are wonderful,straight to the point and very very truthful. Let me also mention here that my junior brother bought a NOKIA E5 when he saw d review.

  4. Awikonko,

    Thanks. This article by Dayo is bringing up even more revelations via your comments. It feels good to read your testimonies. Do keep them coming.

    Thanks again.

  5. Like somebody said, ‘trust grows @ the rate a coconut tree grows, but falls @ the rate the coconut falls from that tree’

    Reputation and goodwill are built over time, but can be destroyed in a jiffy.

    In the world of business,trustworthy people are great shining stars in our world of deceit, half-truths and outright lies.

    Keep on being a good example for business people to emulate..

    ? noun
    1 good relationships are built on trust: CONFIDENCE, belief, faith, certainty, assurance, conviction, credence; reliance.
    2 a position of trust: RESPONSIBILITY, duty, obligation.
    3 the money is to be held in trust for his son: SAFE KEEPING, keeping, protection, charge, care, custody; trusteeship, guardianship.
    —OPPOSITES distrust, mistrust, doubt.
    ? verb
    1 I should never have trusted her: PUT ONE’S TRUST IN, have faith in, have (every) confidence in, believe in, pin one’s hopes/faith on.
    2 he can be trusted to carry out an impartial investigation: RELY ON, depend on, bank on, count on, be sure of.
    3 I trust we shall meet again: HOPE, expect, take it, assume, presume.
    4 they don’t like to trust their money to anyone outside the family: ENTRUST, consign, commit, give, hand over, turn over, assign; formal commend.
    —OPPOSITES distrust, mistrust, doubt.

  6. Ha ha ha. How does anyone review a device they have not touched? I don’t write much about mobile devices because I don’t go on a buying spree like Yomi and his gang thus.

    It is pathetic that a lot of things are corrupted in Nigeria. Same goes with the useless awards. The award processes are one nasty can of worms with corruption and collusion being the main ingredient.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Maybe I should forward this to Sascha Segan of PCMag. MobilityNigeria, like nothing else!!

  8. i bought my samsung jet last year from u guys. and i convinced my sister to buy her BB9630 from u guy she was amazed

  9. Ha ha ha. How does anyone review a device they have not touched?

    I am as stumped as you are, Oluniyi. Still, it is common practice. Then there are those who try out a phone for 10 minutes and then write a “review”. Bollocks.

  10. Off course,I bought my N8 after mr Yomi got his and said positive things about it. I love the phone though but expect more updates/improvements from Nokia.Mobility Nigeria is like the mobile community representative in Naija. Preach on preacher !

  11. Main reason why i appreciate mobilityNG’s reviews is the tone of the reviews ie they dont ‘talk down’ to u and try to imply that u r a moron for seeking to look at technology under the hood:more grease&more power,Yomi_the ONLY complain is that i sought informatn on where i could buy a 4G iPodTouch 32GB or 64GB +kindle DX and have it shipped to me.But u seem to have ignored my enQuiry,why?(remembr we’r the same ones who buy phones from u OR is it too much to ask?.let me knw

  12. When I post here and it says “your comment is awaiting moderation” does it mean freedom of speech doesn’t exist here?

  13. When I post here and it says “your comment is awaiting moderation” does it mean freedom of speech doesn’t exist here?

    Nope; freedom of speech exists here – you actually get to say what you want to say. But the right to publish remains ours. A lovely balance that is much needed in today’s crazy world.

  14. Oh okay, thought there was “mafiarism” involved.. Lol.. anyway… I’m also on a Bbc forum,the Bbc too does something like that but only to new members. After you have posted a certain number of reasonable comments your post starts to appear immediatley. Just suggestions though, not trying to change the rules.

  15. Telneting,

    I understand. Been looking for a plugin with which to implement such a thing, so that registered members who have crossed a number of comments are no longer moderated.

    Still searching. Any pointers welcome.

  16. Thanks, EyeBeeKay. However, that page says:

    DEPRECATED Never moderate or mark as spam comments made by the site admin or the post’s author regardless of the apparent spamminess of the comment.


    ”This plugin has been deprecated! It is no longer necessary as its functionality has been integrated into WordPress. There will not be any continued support for it.

  17. MobilityNigeria is an icon of hope in Nigeria. Just like reporting Tech news as it is and not as it should be!

    Yomi, keep up the good work. Without my daily dose of MN, sometimes I feel lost. Cherioo

  18. thats why I have beeing using a smartphone that costs under 15k(new) for over a month now.Just to enable me master the pros and the cons before I send it to mobilitynigeria .com.
    I pledge to keep to the power of personal use and review,which has made us( stand alone

  19. @JujuKemist, you said, ‘thats why I have been using a smartphone that costs under 15K (NEW)’.

    Which smartphone, SMARTPHONE costs UNDER N15,000? Na juju (magic)?

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