The pursuit of Airtel Truly Unlimited Plans

This morning, Airtel’s social media handles announced that the Truly Unlimited Plans were ready and directed the public to go to an Airtel centre.

The plans announced plans are:

  1. Unlimited 10 for N10,000
  2. Unlimited 15 for N15,000
  3. Unlimited 20 for N20,000

For details, head to an Airtel centre, we were told. So I headed to one. 

There, the first rep I spoke with told me that details of the plan were not ready yet. Disappointed, I headed out for another errand. 

On my way back from an errand, I observed that someone else manned the help desk. So, I popped in again and asked about the new unlimited data plans. 

This time, he listed the data plans and said they are truly unlimited but throttled. Ah. We were making progress. At least, this was some info. 

I asked for the throttle thresholds, and the gentleman began to blabble. The plans are unlimited at burstable speed but get throttled to 256 kbps. 

At what point does the throttling occur?

Airtel rep: It is determined by the system.

By now, I had that “Don’t BS me” look on my face.

“You mean you are telling customers to come subscribe for a data plans. Whose details and terms of use are this vague?” I asked.

He replied with a repetition of some of the stuff he had said earlier. I told him I wouldn’t subscribe to a service with such vague details. He smiled professionally (kudos) and replied that he would forward my feedback and thanked me. 

I thanked him and left.

Airtel unlimited plans

What we know for sure right now are the following: the cost of each of the three packages, that they are throttled, and that each of them has a 30-day validity period.

At the time of writing this, there is no information about the new plans on Airtel Nigeria’s website either. We wait.

Updated Info here: Airtel Unlimited 3G: Everything You Need To Know

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