Not too long ago, the idea of dual-core processors on a mobile was extremely novel. Manufacturers and users have only just begun to really tuck

The Quad-Core Mobile Beasts Are Here

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LG Optimus 4X HD
LG Optimus 4X HD

Not too long ago, the idea of dual-core processors on a mobile was extremely novel. Manufacturers and users have only just begun to really tuck into that, but the game has been upped again. Dual-core is now being pushed to mid-range devices. Quad-core CPUs are the new flagship powerhouses.

Already, at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), both LG and Huawei have announced quad-core Android smartphones and tablets. Many modern-day PCs don’t even have dual-core processors yet!! It is getting crazy indeed. But didn’t we say that this is the post-PC era?

These beasts come with displays from 4.5″ and above. Some of the already announced quad-core devices are:

  • LG Optimus 4X HD
  • Huawei Ascend D quad XL
  • Huawei Ascend D quad
  • Huawei MediaPad 10.1 (tablet)

LG were the first to jump on the dual-core train, and here they are again at the fore-front with quad-core technology. Huawei are the surprise here. They really are stepping outside of their traditional low-cost market to play high-end stakes.

It is expected that both Apple and Samsung will announce quad-core products too soon as well. Oh, what a crazy world this mobile industry is. Bring it on, guys!


  1. So so crazy. also the beasts are coming with larger screen sizes (4.7″-5.0″) as being common play/standard. Nvidia Tegra 3 is actually 5cores in its real sense. looking at the spec sheets of the above highlighted phones and The HTC One X and One S(edge and ville), they still come with 1gb ram,8mp cameras and other regular features of the dual core flagships that held sway last year….

    waiting for Samsung and Apple.
    Da Waves Are Just Gathering!!!

  2. I believe that this quad core is really not necessary, I think that because android is so heavy it needs the extra power.
    A look at other platforms will highlight my point.

  3. Are there apps out there that really make use of quad core mobile processor or is it all for show for now.
    On the pc side of things there are lots of software that make use of pc quad core for improved performance like pcsx2, solid works, fluent, 3D studio max, adobe cs5, video encoders and so many pc games etc. though these promgrams will work on single/dual core processor but they where made to take advantage of the extra cores.

  4. @johny

    Are there apps out there that really make use of quad core mobile processor or is it all for show for now.

    These new processors are not designed to work like traditional quad cores in desktop and laptop PCs but rather to bring the best performance and battery life out of smartphones by utilizing either of the 2 pairs of cores or all 4 processors simultaneously depending on the tasks involved. The 4 processors are not designed to handle one single task simultaneously.

    There are some processor designs that extends this idea even further by including a fifth core to take care of low tasks requiring low processing power and just like in quad cores, all 5 processors can work simultaneously sometimes but different tasks.

    Just like in the quad cores, the system analyzes every task to determine the processing power needed and activates either the fifth core or either of the remaining cores, in effect making optimal use of their processing power and battery life.

  5. Harry has said virtually everything. I was one of those wondering what advantage will quad cores bring to the mobile space before. But after reading up several articles, there is so much to be desired in them. Battery power can be as far as 50% efficient with it. Who wouldn’t want that? For gamers, they are out for a better gaming experience on their mobiles. Even better than on some PCs.

  6. sorry, I meant 50% more battery life than the present dual cores. For example, if your battery can only last you 4hours of playing the game 9mm. With quad cores, you can go 6hours on same battery size.

  7. I knew I was gonna use a Quad Core Smartphone before a quad core Laptop.

    Eager to see what SGSIII has to offer.

  8. Mr. Mobility, please take note that HTC also announced HTC One X, a quad core smartphone at ongoing Mobile World Congress. So, it’s not only LG and Huawei on the quad core trail-blazing. Now, while LG and co are known for coming FIRST to market with new-technology products, they still don’t end up as THE BEST. That’s where Samsung is changing the game as its dual-core Samsung Galaxy S2 won BEST SMARTPHONE at the Mobile World Congress yesterday, beating iPhone 4S and other rivals. Same Samsung also won BEST DEVICE MANUFACTURER award. So, while LG especially is usually rushing to be the best at introducing a new technology (it did so with 3D too),it still lags behind in the smartphone rat-race. I think Samsung taking its time before unveiling Galaxy S3 may again prove to be the game changer in quad-core and all that jazz of the new level in smartphone war this year! The real battle is between Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. That’s the battle of 2012 the world is waiting for with bated breath. So, LG, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, enjoy your FIRST TO LAUNCH OUT sunshine before the STORM comes!

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