Before two weekends ago, the last time that I used my Etisalat line was many months ago. Okay, you’d love to know exactly when? Please

The return of EasyBlaze – not so blazing

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Before two weekends ago, the last time that I used my Etisalat line was many months ago. Okay, you’d love to know exactly when? Please hold while I check my records. Everything here points to late December 2012 or early January 2013. That makes it at least four (4) months ago. Before then, I used my Etisalat everyday. Its only function was to provide me fast mobile internet for work and social. In terms of communications, my primary need is fast internet, not voice, and not SMS. EasyBlaze met that need once in an excellent way, and I had a blast. Then the epileptic performance kicked in. Eventually, a few months down the road, EasyBlaze 3G network simply disappeared from my end. Despite calls to complain, it stayed AWOL.

About two weeks ago, I put my Etisalat SIM back in the MiFi device to check again, as I do regularly, and found to my delight that 3G service was back. My MiFi device is permanently pegged to 3G, so it was easy to tell. I still had some unused airtime on the line, so I subscribed to a data plan and gave it a spin again. EasyBlaze is back and has served me quite a bit again. However, it isn’t quite blazing as it used to do. It works alright. It is fast. But it isn’t as fast as it used to be.

I depend on Glo and Etisalat for my data needs, shuffling between them depending on which of them is more reliable per time. While EasyBlaze 3G was absent, life was a nightmare. If Glo failed, I had no backup. I have 1.47GB of data on my Airtel line, but it is unusable because 3G signal is weak and GPRS/EDGE is a pain to work with. Is there anyone who gets a strong Airtel 3G connection at their end who would love to borrow my Airtel micro-SIM for a few days? The data expires on the 17th, I think. It would be a shame for all that data to go to waste. As for MTN, it is passable, but fraught with frustrations here too. It is good to have EasyBlaze back, as I now have a functional alternative to Glo Bolt.

Aluta continua!


  1. If only other networks have implemented ability to share data plans like Glo does. It would have been easier to lease your unused Airtel data to somebody else. Lol

  2. I have an airtel sim with 1GB left cant use it, everytime I try to connect on pc I get error 619. every other sim connects on the same modem and pc its just airtel. I really am pissed with them. I just stick to glo for my data needs, may try etisalat sometime soon.

  3. I guess Glo is the way to go. Used MTN for a long time but were quite unreliable. I used it on my iPhone and my iPhone was used a s a hotspot. Many times there was no Internet connection. So I changed to Glo and have not looked back since. AIRTEL is crap for Internet and I’ve just ported that line to Etisalat so I’m waiting for my data plan on my Glo to expire before trying out their Internet service.

    But I must say, Glo is the way to go. With download speeds of up to 800-1.2mbps, guy Wetin u dey find.

  4. True talk Eye_bee_kay. Corroborating Mr Mo’s experience, I started using eazyblaze sometime last year and I must confess it was the bomb. The speed was as never experienced on any other network, but things just slowed down on the network.

    Though it’s the etisalat sim I now have in my BB, it was borne out of the fact I couldn’t stand the data capping MTN subjected me to starting mid April with a miserly 356MB compared to the unlimited data bundle I get from Etisalat.

    For me, etisalat isn’t as good as MTN at both my primary locations (Isolo and Gbagada), but I’ll just manage them for now. Call it awuff and you won’t be far from the truth.

    Meanwhile Mr Mo, when can I come for the Airtel sim so I can give it a spin? I haven’t tried Airtel for data purposes since 2010.

  5. Etisalat is not investing in infrastructure in Nigeria I don’t know their reason. I jump ship into their side when they announced 1K BIS but I was shocked that etisalat signal across the length and breath of Ibadan is rubbish even at polytech Ibadan environ where there is higher concentration of student. I have to jump ship again beck to MTN and loose my simple and subscription

  6. My point of view? We do not have internet connection in Nigeria. When I was in the UK, unlimited broadband came with your sky services for just 10 pounds. I never had you worry about buffering YouTube videos. Now in Nigeria, I post a lot of my goods on free classified ads websites which means uploading a number of pictures. I don’t want to mention names of networks but I have tried about 3 now. The first month you buy them, they are super fast but after then, I could try posting and ad and go to sleep. When I wake up, its still loading. Can anyone recommend one that is truly effective? Or should we all wait till 2015?

  7. Glo now rules but before you subscribe to her service make sure you check your location for full 3g services check again and again or else…..better choose MTN. Airtel and Etisalat work fine too but the two are seriously based on your location. Only MTN on an average got 3g coverage everywhere still see their service as the best.

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