• Thu. Apr 15th, 2021

If you have followed the history of Windows Phone till date (now Windows 10 Mobile), you do know that Lumia smartphones made up the bulk of Windows Phone devices produced. Till now, they are. For a few years, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform grew in sales figures and marketshare because of the momentum of Lumia smartphones from Nokia. There was hope in the land. The Lumia rose. And then suddenly, the Lumia fell and has not stopped falling ever since.

Here is the timeline of the rise and fall of Lumia told in one chart:

rise and fall of Lumia

When The Fall Of Lumia Began

The tipping point looks to be around November 2014, and from that time, less and less Lumia smartphones have been sold. What happened around November 2014? Anyone? Whatever happened, the fall of Lumia has not been broken since then. It has continued to fall and fall and fall since then. One wonders if the fall can be broken and how. Or perhaps everyone might as well expect the death of the platform.

Do you own a Lumia or have you owned one before? Do you still use it? Whether or not you have owned a Lumia, would you buy and use one given the opportunity? What do you think of the continued fall of Lumia? Let’s talk, people!


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