There was a time when the idea of dual SIM smartphones connoted a low-end and often substandard device that no phone enthusiast desired. Times are

The Rise of Dual SIM smartphones

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There was a time when the idea of dual SIM smartphones connoted a low-end and often substandard device that no phone enthusiast desired. Times are changing fast.

There was a time when the mention of dual-SIM connoted a low-end and often substandard feature phone that no phone enthusiast desired. Those were the days when brand-name OEMs left the dual SIM market to nameless, faceless phone makers. However, those days are clearly in the past, as a number of brand-name manufacturers are now pushing not just dual SIM feature phones, but smartphones as well.

Dual SIM smartphones - Samsung Galaxy Duo Pro

As far as I can tell, only one smartphone platform offers dual SIM devices for now – Android OS. I have had limited experience with this cadre of devices. Last time I checked, I have reviewed only three dual SIM smartphones, in this order: Pliris Blaze, Pliris Blaze+, and Samsung Galaxy Duo Pro (pictured above). My experiences with all three have been pleasant.


Advantages Of Dual SIM Smartphones

The key advantage of carrying a dual SIM smartphone is that you can have two phone lines for use with only one device in hand. This gives you the possibility of access to voice, SMS and internet access on two different networks. Available dual SIM smartphones are no longer just low-end offerings alone. A device like the Pliris Blaze+ pictured above is a fully-featured mid-range offering. So is the Samsung Galaxy S Duos, which looks very much like its flagship cousin, the S III.

Up, Up, Up…..

I have heard a number of mobilistas express desire for a high-end dual SIM smartphone. I firmly believe that it will happen. Personally, I do not enjoy carrying around two phones, but would love to have a second line handy for mobile internet. A high-end dual SIM smartphone would be fabulous for me. Both the Pliris Blaze+ and Samsung Galaxy S Duos are very close to that, but just fall short of the mark in a number of areas.

Other dual SIM smartphones out there in the market include: LG Optimus L3 E405, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, and LG Optimus L5 Dual (picture below), among others.

LG Optimus L5

Truth be told, almost anyone who needs dual SIM functionality in a smartphone can get one now. The days of dual SIM phones being scoffed at are definitely over.

  1. There is no gainsaying about this. The dual sims smartphones have not only come to stay, they have come to conquer at least in the developing world where one cannot rely on any particular network to deliver the goods.

    I have used a number of these phones and can truly say the experience is quite gratifying. However, the manufacturers need to up their game and load these phones with equal features like they give their single sim cousins.

  2. Get any dual sim phone from Samsung and you will never regret it…I once use D880, D780, B7722, Galaxy Y pro duos and now Galaxy Ace Duos all work excellently. I think im more convenient with it carrying more than two phone is like a burden so it is better to get a dual sim.

  3. I think I started using dual sim phones since 2006 with the Chinko variety which were the in thing then.I love dual sim phones because I hate excess luggage.I have used Nokia and Samsung dual sim feature phones to some level of satisfaction as they have pulled me from rough network situations.
    The downside however is that
    1. When you loose the phone,you loose two lines at once
    2.When the battery runs out of juice in sticky situations,you have no back up or access to your two lines
    All in all,I presently rock a Samsung galaxy Y Duos and it gets the job done but another smartphone for data hides somewhere close.

  4. Dual sim phones look good on the surface. Reduce the strain on ur pocket, help you beat the unreliable networks.
    However, an important point to consider is the SAR(Specific Absorption Rate of the phone). Every phone emits some radiation which our body absorbs. Dual sim phones emit much more energy than single sim. In the long run, this may be hazardous.
    The deleterious effects of gsm, 3g and 4g networks haven’t been studied long enough to conclude that they are harmless.
    So, healthwise, a single sim is your best bet against a future of cancer and God knows what.
    A word they say is enuff 4 d wise

  5. This analysis is spot on. Personally, carrying more than two phones is pure inconvenience. I use a BlackBerry smartphone so my other phone has always been a dual sim phone. I’m currently waiting the release of Nokia Asha 308.

  6. I have always had one middle range smartphone (for data/apps) and three other dirtcheap phones (for voice calls).

    It was @Harry Echemco that recommended a couple of dual_SIM and quad_SIM phones to me as a way out of the need to carry multiple phones, while jumping from Keke Marwa to Okada!

    Given a choice between a single SIM and multiple SIM phone, with similar spec, of course the latter would be preferable.

    Except their is a technical limitation / reason, why should single_SIM phones still exist? It is the era of multiples, anyway- multiple COREs..Why not multiple SIMs for all phones?

  7. Well said man. Presently using the dual sim Qwerty Nokia 200 but counting down to purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Y Pro B5510. Sweet!

  8. I have always had a dual or more SIM phone since 2006 and do not intend to stop now even though there is a remote possibility of cancer in the future. The good thing is that the study is not yet conclusive and so until it is ascertained that the radio emission from phone could cause cancer, I will always have a multi SIM phone on me except the operators somehow changes there business approach that will make multi-SIM phones unnecessary.

    I’m not into too many vices so if this turns out to be fatal, people around me will get the lesson first hand. BTW, the smokers are not all dead yet nor are they quitting.

  9. thank you mr mo, I use galaxy y pro dous but want to upgrade to galaxy s dous,.
    how much is SG S dous? and where can I get it?
    is it available in mobility store?

  10. Nowadays, there are even dual sim tablets e.g the Lenovo a2107 tablet running ICS. If 1 network is messing you up, you switch to the other and continue browsing.

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