The Robocallers are evolving

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Incoming call from 012806877. Turned out to be a robocall – one of those pre-programmed calls that drone on and on in your ears about some special deal that will change your life. Wasn’t the first time. New strain. Like a virus. Initially, it was short numbers like 4040 and 5050. Then came the use of full length 11-digit mobile numbers like 0805ABCWXYZ. Now, standard land line format numbers like 012806877 are in on the action. The robocallers are evolving.

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  1. … Lwkmd

    There was a time I set my Blacklist App to block any call or SMS with less than 11 digits.

    That filtered out lots of junk, not all.

    With this evolution, looks like there is no automated method to filter out these CyboCallers from real humans.

    I am not bothering again.

    I pick a call, I hear the drone, I disconnect. Instanta.

    If you are important enough, simply set your device to auto_reject SMSes or calls from numbers not in your phone book.

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