The Samsung Galaxy Tab – A tale of likes and dislikes

The Samsung Galaxy Tab evokes mixed feelings in me. For the most part, I love the device. But then, the things I dislike are so major that it is already obvious that my relationship with the Tab will be a short one. The thought of this really saddens me, but then, this is 2011 and certain design choices are just unpardonable.

For a device made in 2010, it is just unimaginable that USB charging would be omitted. Why would Samsung not implement USB charging? Even China phones do USB charging. Yes, I said it!

Number two, Samsung implemented a proprietary port that serves multiple purposes. It is used for charging, PC connectivity via USB and HDMI out. Again, I know I sound like a broken record right now, but for a device made in 2010, this is annoying. What it means is that, if for instance I forget my charger at home, I’ll not be able to charge the Tab until I get back home, except by some stroke of luck I run into someone who also uses that kind of port and they have their charger with them.

What I don’t understand is why Samsung couldn’t use more than one port on this device. It is big enough to accomodate them. Besides the microphone pinhole, the left side of this Tablet is bare. Is it not strange that in this day and age, you are not able to charge and connect your high end device to a PC at the same time?

Okay, enough of what I dislike and unto the things that I really love about this Tablet.

First up, the 7-inch touchscreen with 1024 by 600 pixel resolution is very bright, sharp and crisp. Plus it is capacitive which makes it very responsive to touch. The more I use this device, the more I’m loving the screen size. Yomi has asked me to come back to phones with smaller screens, but I’m seriously not looking forward to it.

Video playback on this screen is the best experience I’ve had on any mobile device I’ve used. Also, the onscreen QWERTY keyboard in both portrait and landscape modes are large and well spaced to give a first class typing experience, all thanks to the screen size.

If there’s anything I hated about touchscreen phones, it is the fact that typing on their virtual keyboard was always a big issue for me. You see, I have very big thumbs. On the Galaxy Tab, my big thumbs are well taken care of.

Speed kills is the warning the Federal Road Safety of Nigeria gives every Nigerian road user, but the Tab preaches the opposite message. It does not know slow and doesn’t do slow. The 1GHZ snapdragon processor, plus 512MB of RAM is the reason for the sanppiness of this device. Switching between applications is a breeze. The only times I experienced slowness was no fault of the phone, but rather that of the crawling internet service that MTN advertises on TV as super fast.

Before getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I had read a number of reviews about it online and the majority of the reviewers complained about poor battery life. My experience is exactly the opposite, and battery life on the Tab perfomed way beyond my expectation.

To keep this review from being too long and boring, it has been divided into two parts. So watch out for the second leg, which like the first will be a mixture of what I like and dislike about a device that I would otherwise have loved to keep forever.

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