The Samsung SM-Z250F will run Tizen 3.0

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In enthusiast news, SamMobile reports that a new Tizen OS smartphone is on the way from Samsung. The Samsung SM-Z250F will be the first smartphone to run Tizen version 3.0 and will be available in countries where Tizen phones have been sold till date. Those countries include Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. Samsung was also reportedly looking to push Tizen devices in three key African markets: South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Previous Tizen smartphones include: Samsung Z1, Samsung Z3, and Samsung Z2.

We do not have any details of the specs of the Samsung SM-Z250F yet, so Tizen enthusiasts (are there any?) will have to wait a while. I am fascinated by niche platforms and devices and so Tizen is of interest to me. I am still looking for how to get my hands on one.

I still own a few niche devices: the Palm Pre (running WebOS), BQ Aquaris 4.5 Ubuntu Edition (running Ubuntu OS), Blackberry Curve 9370, and ZTE Open (running Firefox OS). I need to get my hands back on a Symbian OS device, a Sailfish smartphone, and maybe a Maemo device. Perhaps even a good old Windows Mobile smartphone from the early 2000s. For what, you ask? Just for the fun of it. That’s good enough for me.

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