The search for Visafone airtime

Posted by Mister Mobility

Since the MTN acquisition of Nigeria’s last CDMA operator, Visafone, it has become easier to find a needle in a haystack than to get my Visafone line recharged.

Recharge card retailers on the street of Lagos no longer seem to have Visafone cards anymore. Every single one I have asked has said he didn’t have. I have also attempted to purchase airtime via electronic banking means, but my account gets deducted without the Visafone line getting credited.

Is there anyone in Lagos who still sells Visafone recharge cards? Is MTN already phasing the unavoidable shutdown of Visafone?


  1. I’m curious – money deducted for a service and not credited back to your account? Mister Mo, why not try to contact MTN and ask?

  2. For sometime it was also not available in Ibadan but now it’s available again. All the dealer withdrew it from their shops for mtn to do the needful when nothing is done they bring it back.

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