After spending about three months with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I thought to myself that I had had enough and it was time to move

The second coming of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

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After spending about three months with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I thought to myself that I had had enough and it was time to move on to something else.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

So I sold it and got myself a regular smartphone. What I bought was a physical QWERTY keyboarded candybar smartphone. While the phone was able to carry out most of the tasks of the Tab, it offered a user experience that was far less than I enjoyed on the Tablet. It turned out that the modern day smartphone will need more than just functionality to win the hearts of consumers. It will need to be able to offer alongside it’s functionality an excellent user experience. By way of an example, the complaints of the Symbian browser is not so much that it lacks functionality, but that it offers less than satisfactory user experience.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, using our phones evoke emotions in us. And the kind of emotion we feel while using a phone is largely determined by how the device is delivering on the task we are using it for.

The one week I spent with the other phone was really a frustrating one. I was less productive that week, and had to solely depend on my PC to get work done that I would normally have gotten done on my phone. This basically was what led me back to the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I am not saying that the Tab is a perfect device. It has its flaws which were highlighted in my review of it’s first coming. But for the tasks I use the Tab for daily, I must say that it shines. To use a word that has recently gained popularity in the entertainment industry, the Tab has got “swagger”. I will definitely write a sequel to this article this week to enumerate the things that made me go back to theTab. However, permit me to ask this question, “Does your phone have swagger?”

  1. Dayo, we share the same love for tablet computing. There are definitely tasks too small for your laptop to handle and also too big for your smartphone. That is where the tAblet shines. Better battery life, better screen legibility, bigger for reading PDFs and digital books.

    I predict that very soon there will be a confluence between the tablet and the smartphone. I also predict the demise of the netbook. The tablet has carved out a niche in the computing world.

    I just hope the great Deoladoctor could see reasons why a tablet is important. In fact almost as important as a smartphone.

  2. as much as I didn’t want to give The galaxy tab a chance before, I am begining to have a second thought. I use an sgs. when my younger brother sold his to buy the galaxy tab, I felt it was unnecessary because they both run the same android 2.2 only for the different screen size and the tab is a little too big for me carrying around. curiously I borrowed his tab for a day, though with the burden of bigger weight and size, its a better experience using a 7inch screen. Even my wife is getting one soon and i didn’t discourage her, you know why? so I can get to borrow borrow! I don’t think I can exchange my smartphone for a tablet, but once a while will like to play with them.

  3. The Galaxy Tab still has a strong appeal.

    There is no better time to get the Galaxy Tab because it will be getting Gingerbread soon, we can now buy apps and the price has stabilized.

    Moreso, the specs are still very acceptable;
    ARM Cortex A8 processor, 1 GHz processor; PowerVR SGX540 graphics with 512RAM.

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