The "Share" feature on Android

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Share on Android

The “Share” feature on Android is easily my favourite feature of the platform. The very liberty that it gives me to share is liberating.

I am reading through my Twitter timeline and run into tweets that I find inspiring. I hit the share button and I am given an extensive range of share media, including via Bluetooth, Gmail, Google+, Messages, and Notes.

Best of all, I can save that tweet as a note for offline reference. It’s similar when browsing a web page. While you vant share the content of the page, you can at least share the link.

3rd Party Apps Too
What’s even nicer is that if you install a third party communications or storage app, that app is added to the share list.

An example: after installing the LinkedIn, WordPress and WhatsApp applications, anytime I hit the Share button, they are included as media options that I can share through/to.


  1. i just got an android device, and this was one of the features that struck. Totally genuis in it’s execution. And the ability to choose a program to open a file, link or action with is totally great

  2. A truly great feature of Android.

    Ironically, some Android’s weakness would also stem from this liberality of media sharing and apps intercommunication.

  3. This feature is just exceptional on android. You feel so free to have your way and anywhere you choose.

  4. This is indeed a great feature in Android. iOS is only now going to integrate Facebook SHARE in iOS6! Amazing just how robust this Android share feature is!

  5. This feature is awesome. it forms the basis for the seamless interoperability experienced on the Android Platform. I just love it

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