The Smartphone World Is So Boring Right Now

Yes; the smartphone world is so boring right now. This statement may come as a shock to those of you who belong to the iOS-Android generation, and this is all that you have seen. But once upon a time, there was a smartphone world with lots of excitement. We had Symbian UIQ, Symbian S60, Symbian S80 (and all three were very different in UI and hardware flavours), BlackBerry, Windows Mobile Professional, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Maemo, and Palm OS – all offering markedly different user interfaces and hardware form factors and capabilities. Once upon a time, there was fun and excitement born out of variety and real choices. Now, all we have…. are the non-identical twins, Android and iOS. And slabs.

Did you just say all we have are Android and iOS? Yes; I did.

You might say that we have Bada. Well, that must be on planet Neptune. Any OS that isn’t seeing new devices released – especially over a period of 12 months – is effectively non-existent. August 2011 was the last time that a Bada OS phone was released. See what I mean? Belle’s last dance was the 808 PureView, launched in February 2012. In another three months max, we can say that Belle is effectively non-existent.

Oh, yes; you are thinking that I left out Windows Phone 8; right? Yes; I did. Windows Phone isn’t here yet. Prove me wrong: get out, walk into your favourite mobile store, and order a Windows Phone smartphone. At least, where I live, there’s no single Windows Phone 8 smartphone for sale in any store. Anywhere in Nigeria. Right now.

Everywhere you look, its Android, Android, and more Android. That’s like going to the supermarket and all you see is bread, bread, and more bread. God forbid. Yes, Sony Android, Samsung Android, LG Android, Motorola Android and Tecno Android. But Android is Android at the end of the day. It is like Agege bread, sliced bread, Wheat bread, Sweet bean bread, and meat bread. Bleh.

Yearning For New Wine

I know that we are expecting new players, and therein lies my hope of salvation from this very boring present state, and hopefully, I shall not have have withered away before devices from those players hit the streets. I can’t wait for Blackberry 10 (hoping that RIM gets it right), Tizen OS, Firefox OS, and Sailfish OS. Now, don’t disturb me about ecosystems and apps and all that. I really don’t care. I just want new toys that look and act different from what is available now. Hopefully, these new platforms can give us really different user interfaces and all, because, unfortunately, what we will be mostly seeing are the same boring slabs of frozen plastic, metal and polycarbonate that make me sick and nauseated everyday.

Can’t we just get over this obsession with slabs and get on with our lives? Aaaaaargh!!!!!!!

Yes; this current smartphone world is as exciting as the Windows-dominated PC industry has been. Acer PCs: Windows. Dell PCs: Windows. HP: Windows. Bleh! Please, give me some excitement, lest I die.


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