The so-called Top 100 Nigerian Startup Ranking is rubbish

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This is not exactly mobile, but permit me please. We received a mail at Mobility Towers notifying us of a published ranking of the top 100 Nigerian startups. This got our attention immediately, until we got to the part of the mail that said that the ranking is a measurement of two things:

  1. SRWeb (Startup rank on the web); and
  2. SRSocial (Startup rank on Social)

Really? Those are the yardsticks for measuring how well startups are doing? Absolute nonsense. It is pure stupidity for anyone to claim that one startup or the other is tops based on web and social rank alone. Why not call it “Top startup by online presence?” That would make sense. But this? Hissss….

I checked the Startup ranking website and found it just so – startups are ranked based on pageviews, SEO, facebook engagements, et al. No; thanks. We are not buying. Those of us who have our heads screwed right on our necks know how startups are ranked. No; I won’t even dignify the rubbish with a link.

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