Advertisement Around October last year, my house mate discovered after the expiration of his subscription to the one-day MTN plan that his line continued connecting to the

The Story of the Free Browsing Line

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Around October last year, my house mate discovered after the expiration of his subscription to the one-day MTN plan that his line continued connecting to the internet and he was able to browse without any deduction from his account.

At first, he thought it was a fluke and ignored it thinking that his head was being screwed with as we have come to expect from the big yellow network. For a week, he browsed free. Then two weeks passed by. The summary is that till today he still browses free on that line. While I was in the hostel, I would take his SIM card, pop it into my modem and then I’d create a WiFi hotspot with my laptop where people in the hostel could connect to the network.


On football match days, we live streamed the matches, watched YouTube videos without worrying about bandwidth, uploaded, and downloaded at will. In essence, we got a very rare pass. Believe me when I say that we maximized it, at least when the network was good anyway.


This is not the first of such an instance that I am hearing of someone just surfing free of charge too. I am sure that some of you would have seen or heard of someone who just connects and surfs the internet free of charge too. My own question however is, Why does this happen?. Is it a problem with MTN’s software or a counter that refused to be reset when the original data plan expired?


If you have experience something similar or know someone who has, do share your experiences in the comments section below. Anyone who understands how networks work should also please drop a comment to enlighten us about why and how this anomaly happens. Thanks

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  2. That’s amazing, this is not one of those setting treaks because from the above he didn’t tamper with settings.

    It’s certainly something wrong with MTN network.

    Lucky dude.

  3. happened to the Starcomms line of a friend some time ago.

    his data package (on a mobile Starcomms line) refused to elapse. continued for about three months before Starcomns eventually fixed the glitch.

    a technical oversight. or a combination.

  4. It just a slight glitch in the system that hasn’t come to anyone’s notice yet or someone is yet to fix the leak.

    Meanwhile, send me the number of your friend’s SIM let me discuss with my friends at Yello… *evil laugh*

  5. I’ve experienced this before too, no tweaks, no proxy settings, just the normal configuration settings that mtn sent, though it wasn’t very fast, it met my basic browsing needs then. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I lost the phone with the sim.

  6. Been enjoying same since around the same time last year. A colleague of mine since much earlier and another just about two weeks ago. I guess it’s a glitch that’s gone unnoticed in the system. And the download speeds are superb, as high as 6mbps sometimes.

  7. @The Richest Man, You lost the sim? I hope I find it. I’d return the phone though. No Worries 😀

    Emma, I think it’s a glitch because I have a mate here that doesn’t even understand how these things work. He purchased a bundle and endless browsing came till now. I also assist him to use it well.

  8. a friend of mine has been rocking his own for the past four months now. never knew so many people are using this sha

  9. Somehow I wish you didn’t write this article because, trust me they read this blog and they will now fix the glitch. Now the fun will be over.

  10. I had a similar experience. Mine lasted for four months. I even lost the sim and retrieved it and it still continued.

  11. and why would u write a blog about it… U want mtn to be aware and fix the glitch dnt u? Bad belle pipu ewww

  12. Lol @deoladoctor More of like if you buy 1 million SIM cards.
    @and and Lord Benny – I’m not bad belle o, really!. I just want to know what causes it in the first instance.
    @oluwatosinoyelese – More bytes to your megabytes sir!

  13. I know of a colleague of mine who claimed this attribute of his SIM. I doubted him initially but five years on and still counting he is still browsing with his miracle man SIM. I wish I was that lucky. I can only imagine the cash it would have freed me for other uses. Am not complaining though.

  14. @olalere
    well i just dnt see reason 4 u to knw why…its really not necessary, afterall u are not the one that will fix it and if u knw what difference will it make? Besides writin abt it will make d network fix the problem quickly.. Though i dnt know if there is any sim like that, that can browse free buh if there is any let the owner(s) enjoy it while it last, let em exploit these bloody networks a little like they have being exploitin nigerians.. One love

  15. A friend of mine, just subscribed to Weekly BIS on Etisalat & has been pinging on theline since Last year.. Browsing & downloading, Sadly enough u can’t tether to PC

  16. maybe he has dns setting in his configuration cos my moms old lg flip phone browse free with dns setting. they don’t include dns settings anymore on configuration.

  17. I had an etisalat line that I subscribed 1wk bb plan and for 2yrs I browsed,ping and downloaded for free but lately they caught up with me and started deducting money from my account any time I recharged.2mnts ago I went to their customer care and requested for a sim replacement cos the deducti becoming too much,so for now am back to my normal subscription….

  18. I had the same experience sometime last year (around April to July). I think it happened immediately I migrated to pulse. I browsed for free without any problem. And yea, the speed was superb.

  19. By the end of Febuary, it will clock one year that I started browsing and pinging free on a particular line of mine ( won’t mention the line). I subscribed to a day bb plan and it has never expired since then. A friend offered 20k for the line. I refused. I can’t tell how many Gigs I have pulled on this line. I’m actually lucky. It is important to note that I did not do any tweaking to the line to effect the free bis o.

  20. @lordbenny +1000. wonder what emmagine hopes to achieve wt ds post apart from block us frm enjoyn d frrebies we re so lucky to be having.

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