He’s the self proclaimed King of the jungle, he’s fit, he’s strong, he’s arrogant, nothing can stand in his way. His powerful paws, strong set

The tale of a Lion and a Sheep

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He’s the self proclaimed King of the jungle, he’s fit, he’s strong, he’s arrogant, nothing can stand in his way. His powerful paws, strong set of carnivorous teeth, can tear apart any herd he wants to feed on. He’s free, he refuses to be tamed, he has the wild all to himself, to roam, to breed, to exploit and to inhabit.

In contrast, the sheep, the calm one, meek, obedient, loyal to his master. Must be told what to do and where to go. Easily influenced by a leader, his master, we call him the shepherd. The shepherd leads his sheep, shows them where to go, to eat, to drink, makes sure to keep his sheep together and never letting one sheep stray from fellow sheep.


This picture presented itself to me from different perspectives. Who is the sheep? Who is the lion?

If we try to draw some analogies from the above picture, can we say :

The lions are Android folks? That have the full powers to do and undo on their devices? To roam the wild free and unrestricted?

Can we also say the sheep is iOS users enclosed in a walled garden and never allowed to stray far from fellow sheep? And always ever led by the proverbial Shepherd? (Apple).

Would you prefer life as a lion or that of a sheep? Enclosure in a walled garden with restrictions or freelance ability to roam wild, free and unperturbed. This piece isn’t intend to raise the usual wars among loyal fanboys, but then who wouldn’t love to listen to rants, and sparked emotions. *hides and runs away from the ensuing battle*


  1. What do you classify the windows phone then? They are probably the goat. Neither strong as the lion nor obedient as the sheep. They just choose to be stubborn.
    I will rather be a goat and live more years than the lion even though it will be short of 1000 for the sheep.

  2. I was wondering the same thing; where does that put BlackBerry and WP users to don’t subscribe to either?

    Up Andy! 🙂

  3. Give (Windowsphone) Goats Some Space And They Would Run Rambunctious.


    You Can Always Identify The Goats (And Isheep) By Their Physiognony. By Their Mien, You Shall Know Them..

    Whereas A Sheep Would Follow The Shepherd And Perish With Its Eyes Wide Open, A Goat Would Stubbornly Not Heed Calls Of Warnings And Would Always Gravitate To Its Safe And Familiar Surroundings, Even When Set Free From Obvious (Platform) Captivity …

    Now The Android Lion, Roams The Jungle, Its Playfield, Unfettered, Unencumbered, With No Boundaries, Wondering Why The Docile Sheep And The Stubborn Goats Are So Intent On The ‘Road To Perdition ‘

    Sheep And Goats Always Eventually Get Slaughtered , After Being Milked For Years.

    But, Can You Milk The Lion? It Would Rather Die, Gloriously, Fighting Claws And Fangs, To The Bloodiest End.

    Would You Rather Be A Sheep, Or Goat, Or Would You Rather Be The King Of Your Domain?

    I Know Which One I Am…

  4. Can it make calls? Can I access my SM accounts? IM? Browse the web? Play games?

    Then I don’t care if it is a lion, sheep, goat or kpukpuyeke.

    I use an android by the way. Lol.

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