Today marked the beginning of a new era in the life of TECNO mobile. Earlier today, they launched their latest flagship device, the TECNO Phantom

The TECNO Phantom 5 launch event : M.I, Chuddy Kay, fingerprint scanner, and more scoops

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Today marked the beginning of a new era in the life of TECNO mobile. Earlier today, they launched their latest flagship device, the TECNO Phantom 5 a.k.a “the best smartphone of the year 2015”. The event took place at Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria, and here’s all the scoop of what happened.


The event started very late (Nigerian time). MC of the day, Jonathan Hanson controlled proceedings, very hilarious guy I must say. MD TECNO Nigeria, Mr. Chidi Okonkwo gave a welcome speech, followed by PR Manager TECNO, Miss Hanane Karroumi. Next were speeches from heads of regulatory bodies: SON (Standards Organisation of Nigeria) and CPC (Consumer Protection Commission).


Mr. Jesse Oguntimehin, Digital Media Manager at TECNO, took to the stage to formerly introduce the new device discussing the design details, Camera, and Sound. We got to learn more about the phone. The camera has fast capture, and phase-detection. The front camera also has 78 degree wide angle, among other things.


Later on, Manager, Activations & Events, Mr Attai Oguche came on stage to cover further details of this device. This included the super smart fingerprint scanner, Ultra-Power Saving mode, 4G LTE, etc.


We learnt that you can store up to 10 separate fingerprints that can unlock the phone, and that the price will be N69,900. There are also bundled data offers with Etisalat and Airtel when one buys the phone. Music stars M.I and Chuddy K were also present at the event, though they didn’t perform. TECNO in collaboration with M.I are launching a Karaoke Music competition which will begin later this year.


Everyone of them posed with the phone for a photo session. See the Short Black dude 🙂



  1. The Phantom 5 for N70,000 sounds like fair game to me. As an example, its almost 100% match, the Samsung Galaxy A8, costs N99,000.

    Considering that it edges past the A8 on some points, N70,000 doesn’t sound bad at all.

  2. Wait, did you abbreviate Jesse’s surname? And which short black dude? There’s more than one up there. Oya Mo, lend me that your spectacles cos this short black dude thing get levels

    Anyway, it looks like a Passport in one Short Black Dude’s hand *flees*

  3. Mr Mo, TECNO wont make sales with this phone. I can assure you Sir! We are still contending with erasing the chinko mindset off our minds but at 70k honestly, I think TECNO practically lost it.
    There are things that could have been sacrificed to beat down cost of this mobile if they wanted to. But now, they are engaging in price competition with other worldwide brands.
    Dont forget TECNO won the hearts of people with affordable phones.

    Maybe i’m just ranting sha. But let’s see how it goes

  4. short black dude keh?? me am seeeing more than one short black dudes oooooo…

    i think the price is cool tho,

  5. come on, dont you see the functions of the phone?? to me the price is still under the ranking of affordables because if samsung was to sell this phone it will be around 90 to 100k…

  6. lol….yes he did ooo, he abbreviated his surname.. when i saw the phone that was the first thing that came to my mind PASSPORT

  7. See somebody ranting about the Tecno Phantom A+ This is a phone that has been released over three years ago and you expect it to still be in pristine condition!
    Someone badmouthing Tecno

    Apparently, Tecno won’t fool me again

    I’d rather buy a fairly used samsung S4 with that amount.

    I have a phantom A

    All the accessories it came in r alrdy non functional

    Ear piece, charger, even the phone can only recieve calls on speaker

    And it was a flagship fone for them then

    Oh I forgot to add that the powerbank it came with is now just a rechargeable torchlight/

    Another counterpointed..

    Sincerely speaking, I honestly enjoyed the phone and all the accessories. If you use a phone for more than three years and six months before you start to complain, I think it is a good phone


    I think perception could be more important that taw specs. Why does the iPhone sell in droves even when a critical technical comparative look reveals real shortcomings? .Brand perception

    Tecno is trying to jump into the elite premium class. A great phone with wonderful specifications alone won’t do this overnight..The mind of the consumer needs to be worked on.

  8. It may have lived up to the pre release hype but the issue still remains one of brand perception,@#70000 I for will consider my options unfortunately THIS will not be among my top pick of the pack..

  9. I was at the event! It was dope. The ginger was all right and i really think the phone deserves the hype.

  10. The phone is feature packed. And highly priced i think! Tecno definitely had a particular set of people in mind while designing this – The working and the rich class. Let me start saving.. Lol

  11. Dont worry Korede, TECNO will soon cut costs too when less than half of production units are yet to be sold after 5 months.

    Just imagine how many flagships would be out by then. You can start by imagining how many gets released every week. 🙂

  12. Looking at the specs, at 70k no one would shudder if it were LG, Sony, or Samsung, but cause its a tecno they feel knackered. understandably 70k is the price they need based on the sales they are expecting.

    if they knew they can move 2million units, they won’t sell it that high.

    A few friends have mentioned the Galaxy Note 3 has a device they would pick if they had 70k to spend on a phone.

    the phantom 5 sure looks tempting, but at 70k the options are so much its difficult making up my mind, am glad am not in the market for a phone right now.

  13. The phone is cheaper, not better. It may be a better deal if you dont have 70k but its not better than this tecno.
    The phone has slower processor, lower ram, lower internal storage, no fingerprint sensor,no fast capture(u have no idea how nice this is. Try an iphone) and not to mention its not as pretty as this Tecno.
    Please do tell us how the RN2 Is better???
    Not that I’m rooting for Tecno though but the facts are bare.

  14. lol…this phone cant even be compared to the passport..
    phantom 5 is out of this planet men..
    it is a 2016 kinda phone..
    it worth the price i swear

  15. all what you just said is for you ooooo,
    i guess you should speak for your self oooo
    me i will buy the phone at tHAT PRICE and am sure others will too

  16. all this ranting are of no use…..
    does he expect anything to last forever??
    he must be dumb found….even human beings dont last forever…
    the phone was a perfect phone and now phantom 5 is over perfect

  17. the only problem you got now is that the name of the phone is tecno ryt??
    leme let you know something, you have got to erase that shiii from your head.. if you could get a samsung for this amount then why not tecno to??
    it no longer about the brand name, it is now about the product it self…. so think well about it
    cause for me will get the phantom 5 for higher price

  18. @Bolu, Lol…Well get, At least its good to know that you wont be getting it for free with all these comments you’re churning. Whatever makes you sleep better at night jorey!

  19. dont think they actually have a particular set of people in mind… but the truth is if something is worth it let just get it it due respect…
    the phone to me worth more than the price

  20. is you that know oooo, it is cost to some people..
    to me i will buy it for that price and i wont have a secound taught

  21. lol…y is this one laughing??
    am sure u wia expecting the phone to go down for 15k..
    that the thinking of some broke niggas and i hope you not one of them

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