techie: a person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing. The techie downloads a free anti-virus software to his PC. He installs

The things techies take for granted

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techie: a person who is expert in or enthusiastic about technology, especially computing.

The techie downloads a free anti-virus software to his PC. He installs it without breaking a sweat. He is not surprised when he gets a prompt notifying him that he has 30 days of use before he is required to register the software. Below that notice is a link for registration. He expects it to be there and clicks on it right away.

In a few moments, he has submitted the registration form and opens another tab in his web browser to check his email. There, he finds an activation email from the anti-virus company and copies the activation code in it. Back to the software, he pastes the code in and submits. Pronto! He is notified that his PC is secure for the next one year.

Easy pie.

The above procedure does not take more than 15 minutes. The techie does not break a sweat at all. But not so for many others. I have lots of clients, family, and friends who find the above procedure a highly complicated one. I have explained it again and again. Yet, each year, they require my help in renewing their anti-virus subscription. In some cases, I have detailed the procedure down on paper for their convenience. They still do not have a grasp of it.

Replace PC with smartphone – and sometimes with DSTV or DVD Player, and very little changes. Many non-techies struggle with what we have taken for granted for many years. Perhaps some day, this will change when humans can simply talk to computers. Just perhaps.


  1. lol, that’s the techie/early adopter’s curse, woe betide you get/recommend them any tech products

  2. Most people would hesitate to approach a Doctor for free treatment or Consultancy.

    I wonder why people have zero scruples about asking techies for technical help, without any thought for pecuniary Compensation

  3. Yes o.

    Techies sure take all these things for granted.

    I have a strictly non techie brother whose terrestrial TV was not showing clear pictures.

    Of course, I knew it’s was one of two things…either the antenna is not rotated into the proper position, or a connection is loose somewhere. It turned out to be the latter.

    I brought down the external antenna, reattached the loose wire, and the TV was displaying clear pictures..

    I was surprised to be hailed for this ‘minor’ thing.

    Sometimes, it appears that there could be some level of mental laziness involved in these things..

  4. Not all techies are good at explaining things. Give it to them to fix, they’re okay, ask for an explanation, they are unable to break it down to mere mortal levels.

    Just as some people cannot be bothered to do the research or understand sole things about technology, not everyone is gifted with simple explanation.

    Reminds me of a time when I was at the bank, watching how this particular bank staff was talking to and treating an illiterate man using the ATM.

  5. I sure don’t know how to explain things. I can fix, but when it gets to explaining, it even sounds to me like gibberish, and I wonder if the other person understands. Sometimes the expression on their faces makes me stop…

    But I love it when I can tell someone how to fix something and they are able to do it cuz I don’t like being the only one that can fix things.

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