The Tigo “Yensor Nkoaa” promo 2015

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The Yensor Nkoaa is an ongoing promo in Ghana by Tigo. The aim of the promo is to aid Tigo subscribers in this dumsor (light out) time that they find themselves in.

What you stand to win in this promo are as follows: a lamp, a small generator set and also a larger one but all this will depend on how often you top up the airtime. The more you top up, the more points you accumulate for yourself, the more your chance of winning.

tigo yensor nkoaa promo

As you top up, the first week if your point gets to a certain limit you get a call from tigo and you get a lamp, the second week or a month all depending on the top up, if it hits a certain target, you get a call from tigo and get a small generator set, as you proceed with the top up, you stand a chance of winning the big generation that is referred to as a plant. The pic below shows you the prizes and variety of generator set you get to win. The code to check your points as you top up is *456#.

I had an opportunity to take a video of a Tigo officer as he took me through the promo and I believe it will be very useful to you:

Te first batch of winners have already been presented with their prizes. My dear readers this is an opportunity, Tigo has decided to help in the way they possibly know how with the dumsor (light out) situation, this shouldn’t be something you should miss out on.

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