The top 14 phone makers worldwide in 2013

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I ran into an article on top 14 phone makers over at PhoneArena, and thought enthusiasts, geeks and fan boys and girls here will be interested in it. Below is the list of the top 14 phone makers globally by percentage of overall phones shipped:

1. Samsung – 27%
2. Nokia – 15%
3. Apple – 7%
4. LG – 4%
5. ZTE – 4%
6. Huawei – 3%
7. TCL (Alcatel) – 3%
8. Lenovo – 3%
9. CoolPad (Yulong) – 2%
10. Sony – 2%
11. BlackBerry – 2%
12. HTC – 2%
13. Xiaomi – 1%
14. Motorola – 1%

It is interesting to see where the different brands stand by volume of devices compared to others.

If you head over to PhoneArena, you will find other charts that show more interesting statistics. For example, another chart shows how Nokia and Samsung – both of who are ahead of the rest of the pack by huge margins – have simply traded positions with one another (with Samsung upstaging Nokia), and they have retained the gap between their combined figures and the those of the rest. Interestingly, the same giants, Samsung and Nokia, are also the world’s largest feature phone manufacturers.

Alcatel used to be the buzz in these parts and then went AWOL. The surprise here is that the brand is still selling truck loads of phones. But where? Asia? South America? Also, it is interesting that with all of BlackBerry’s woes, they still sell more phones than HTC, and even Motorola.

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  1. I’m still shocked that blackberry sells more phones than HTC, I love that company so much, I mean BB. But Mr mo I want you to write an article on a tale of two fruit companies(BLACKBERRY and APPLE inc.) They are revolutionaries.

  2. The most interesting thing to note from this list:

    5 companies are Chinese (Coolpad, Xiaomi, ZTE, Huawei, Lenovo)
    3 companies are South Korean (Samsung, HTC, LG)
    1 company is Japanese (Sony)

    Nokia dominated the landscape for over a decade, Apple’s time at the top brought about significant innovation, but the sales and dominance in the mobile arena belongs to the Asian continent.

    It’s also worth noting that HTC is not really “global” – they may sell in many markets, but not on the same scale as Blackberry which is truly global; there is more local support for Blackberry devices than there is for HTC devices.

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