Borrow Me Credit is a service that allows you to request for airtime from Glo on loan when you have run out of airtime. The


The trouble I got into with Glo Borrow Me Credit

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Borrow Me Credit is a service that allows you to request for airtime from Glo on loan when you have run out of airtime. The service allows you to borrow N50, N100, N200, N500 and N1,000. According to Glo, you need to have been a loyal and consistent subscriber on Glo for at least 4 months and have a good usage history. With a usage history of years and often thousands of naira monthly in spending, that placed me smack bang among Glo elites.


So, when I was out of airtime last week and desperately needed to recharge, I thought, “Why not?”

So, I dialled *321# to register and create a PIN for the service, and then *321*PIN*1000# to request for N1,000. Pronto, my loan request was granted and a N100 service charge deducted. That means I ended up with N900. Yes; what were you expecting before? A free loan? Yes; there ia a 10% service charge on any amount that you borrow.


here’s what: once you have a loan that hasn’t been settled, if you credit your line with any amount, the system automatically triggers a recovery by debiting your line. So, I had finished the credit that I borrowed and now needed to buy airtime to use. That was when I remembered that if I loaded N500, it would be zapped by Glo immediately. Chei! See painment. When it occurred to me that loading N1,000 also meant that the entire N1,000 would disappear as well…. oh boy! And standard repayent time is 72 hours, after which my credit rating will be downgraded…or rebased (yes; I just learnt that word)….or something.

Time to discard this SIM and go get a new Glo SIM? Shey? Duh! You wish. Here:


Glo BoroMe

I have paid! Credit is now fully settled. Evil people reading this story want me to destroy my hard-earned profile on the Glo network. Yes; they disappointed me in Ghana, but as they say, “monkey no fine; him mama like am” (the ugly monkey is loved by its mother regardless). Up Glo. Rule your world!

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  2. i tried to borrow 500 i didnt get a feedback its saying pending for like 3 days now how can i cancel this request and request of another amount

  3. Glo has been good to me in time past, but of recent i ran out airtime and i can’t get one at that point. so i thought…. let me borrow. I immediately i borrowed 200 from glo and the next day i recharge but it wasn’t deducted, i finished it and recharge 400 the next day hoping that glo will deduct the previous loan am owing, to my greatest suprise glo deducted 190. So i had to make sure i had at least 10 in my account so that glo would clear debt but glo refused to clear the debt, i even make my account is never out of airtime for like a month but to no avail. Meaning what? I couldn’t borrow from glo until i pay the debt. Guess what…. I woke up one blissful morning and discovered they have cleared my debt. I sigh and decided to borrow again but so sad for guess the message i received.

    Dear customer you cannot get borrow me credit at the moment, please keep your glo line active and you will be notified when you qualify.
    I was like glo……….

  4. Abeg ooo I don opt out thank God for this post that taught me how lolz. When borrow me wan turn captivity..hehehe

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