The true Octa-core processor smartphones are coming!

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Intex Octa Core Smartphone
I remember when the first quad-core smartphones hit the market in 2012. I remember one of the quad-core pioneers – the HTC One X – very fondly. Back in November, MediaTek unveiled the MT6592 as the world’s first true octa-core chipset. While some products exist in the market claiming to be octa-core, these smartphones can only activate half of their CPU cores at once. MediaTek’s MT 6592 chipset allows for all eight of its cores to run simultaneously. The expected benefits are increased performance and power-efficiency.

Manufacturers with octa-core smartphones lined up for the market include HTC, Intex, Sony, Micromax, and Huawei. The very first units are expected in the market before the end of 2013. Do you plan on upgrading to an octa-core processor smartphone soon?

  1. Apart from HD intensive games (which I don’t do), am asking myself what I would do with all these ultra powerful devices with quintillo_cores.

    Perhaps the time has come to separate rudimentary call functions from computing functions, on devices?

    But then, the more powerful these CPUs become , the more audacious the apps that can be created to run on these monsters.

    It’s amazing the rate at which mobile technology is sprinting along.

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