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I get followed on Twitter by some handles and cannot but I wonder what informed their choice. For example, when a church handle or a very conservative individual follows me, I go like:


I am the quintessential rebel. I just don’t seem to fit the profile of the kind of person that they would want to follow. The mobile gadgets angle? Perhaps curiosity? Or amusement? What informed the choice? I don’t know.

Anyway, not that you care. I mean, how does the answer to that change the price of garri in the market? Here is really where I am going, however: how do you as a person determine who you follow on Twitter (or friend on Facebook)? Do you always follow like minds only, or do you include handles at the extreme end of your position as well?


  1. I typically follow people/tweeter handles that tweet stuffs about what I am interested in, but the weird thing is i typically add to the people I follow like twice a year but when I do I go on rampage and follow hundreds up people at once.

  2. Following too many people on Twitter is like joining all sorts of social media.

    Sure, it can be excessive. But, like a position I stated earlier elsewhere , you are more likely to sell more as a marketer if you simply make more marketing calls.

    It can be excessive, but I follow those I see as having the same interest like I do. The interests being diverse, following lots (but not excessive number) of handles is necessary…

  3. They basically want your follow back. If you look closely (especially the organizations or businesses), they have like “following 414”, “followed by 412”.

    They are basically trying to up their followership and reach. So they follow any handle they see who gets RT’d quite a lot, like you.

    I once studied a handle that seemed to be operated by a “Sugarbaby”. She always talked about her sugerdaddy, trips, presents, other sugerbabies, FWB, sexcapades and all. She would follow back or follow folks who in turn followed her back. One day (or i noticed one day), she unfollowed almost everyone except the handle of a spa/salon place. So she had like 800 followers and was following about 2.

    She had traction, clearly. Now all she needed to do was RT the spa/salon tweets and hopefully generate revenue for them. My bet is she owned the spa/salon.

    I quietly unfollowed her.

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