TECNO has had an impressive run in the Nigerian market so far. That has been because they have kept a focus on bringing affordable smartphones

The way forward for TECNO smartphones

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TECNO has had an impressive run in the Nigerian market so far. That has been because they have kept a focus on bringing affordable smartphones to consumers. Of course, this has meant that while the specs have been good (and sometimes outstanding), they are still not top of the line. But there is no doubt that at the price points that TECNO is delivering smartphones to the market, they have generally maintained a good balance between cost, quality and performance. I have used three of their phones and have been pleased with them.

Now, there will always be the hardcore tech crowd asking for 2GB of RAM and clamouring for TECNO to get into the specs war. There will be the temptation to change tactics now and attempt to pack in the highest specs – with the consequence of significantly higher selling prices. I hope that TECNO does not succumb to that temptation (at least, not for now) or else they run the risk of losing what made them successful in the first place.

No; this is not to say that there is no room for improvement in TECNO smartphones. It is to say that they should not make the mistake that some other brands have made in abandoning their core market and fan base. It is always a costly mistake. I have a TECNO Phantom A3 in my hands here, and it is superb in both feel and performance. Think of high-end performance at a mid-range price. That cannot be faulted in this market – or in most other markets globally.

If I were to summarise my advice to TECNO, it would be this:

Do whatever you can to put extra value into your smartphones by way of higher specifications and performance, but be sure not to lose that mass market appeal that gave you the competitive advantage in the first place. Squeeze everything that you can into your phones so long as you are able to maintain the great pricing. Lose that advantage and you are history.

I see a number of brands lurking in the shadows who would love nothing other than to see TECNO make this mistake so that they can capitalise on it. In the meantime, please expect my review of the Phantom A3 soon.

  1. Perhaps they should introduce a QWERTY android phone too. Like the Dell Venue Pro or the HTC Desire Z.

  2. The Q1 is Qwerty..

    As long as they maintain a disparate range of devices, there should not be any problem regarding their introducing higher spec’d devices at even higher prices.

    The important thing is for them to maintain the outstanding value for money they are known for.

    If they produce a device with the kind of specs on the Samsung Galaxy Note III for half the price (say N50 Something Kay) , wouldn’t people buy in droves.? I would, if I was in the market for a device.

  3. Am still waiting for that one too. Till date I dont have a Tecno android phone except they give me something like that.

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