Battery performance on mobile is important to me. The reason why these things are called mobile, after all is that we can unplug them and

The Windows Phone Battery Champ: Nokia Lumia 720

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Battery performance on mobile is important to me. The reason why these things are called mobile, after all is that we can unplug them and up and go. In today’s hectic world of always-on connectivity for business and social communications, battery performance is just something that I cannot overlook. I happen to like the Windows Phone user interface, however battery performance has been an issue on that platform. Till now, no Windows Phone smartphone has delivered outstanding battery performance. This has made devices running that OS not so attractive to me. The idea of nursing a phone to get it through a hectic day is just irritating.

But the gods of mobile have not been sleeping, nor have they been ignoring me, it seems. They have deemed fit to send a saviour for Windows Phone. For the first time, we have a WP smartphone with a GSMArena endurance rating of 60 hours. All hail the new Nokia Lumia 720 running Windows Phone 8. Before now, the best that Windows Phone had to offer was 49 hours with the Nokia Lumia 520. Most of the others rated far below that, making them plain unattractive to me.

With a 60-hour endurance rating, the Lumia 720 is rubbing shoulders with the Samsung Galaxy S4 at 63 hours, Motorola RAZR i at 64 hours, and Samsung Galaxy Express at 59 hours. Finally, Windows Phone has a battery performance champ.

But that’s not all that draws me to the 720. It has a comfortable 4.3-inch display, and so is not a monstrousity as many smartphones are today. I don’t want anything with a display of over 4.8 inches, which is my extreme tolerance point. 4.3 inches is just superb for one-handed use! That just makes my day. I have my eyes on the Lumia 720. I intend to get my hands on one, even if it means arm-twisting one of our partners. I want!!!


  1. Battery life,, battery life,,, battery life
    I expecting my 4300mah battery for galaxy s3 i order from amazon…

  2. Poor Lumia 610. Only as good as its free 3-month data bundle…then rejected for the next big thing!

  3. personally I think if Nokia had slapped the Lumia 720 with a1GB RAM, it would have been perfect and would have made it a phone of choice for many.
    I hope the price of this phone won’t be more than 50k when it finally launch in Nigeria here.

  4. Mr Mo you forgot the Samsung galaxy note 2 at 69hours endurance rating

    Hello Jab, I actually didn’t. The Note II’s 69-hour endurance rating just seemed out of the league of the Lumia 720’s 60-hour rating. Cheers.

  5. Agree with you Andy especially with rumors of major gaming titles unable to work flawlessly with anything below 1GB. Love the 720 but I’ve been brainwashed against WP8….or maybe I’m just broke *chuckles*

  6. If in won’t be getting the HTC windows phone 8s,then, will get the lumia 720. Everything with the Nokia lumia apps will be perfect on it.

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