You know it. We know it. What is it? The fact that the world of mobile has expanded since (we weren’t called that back

The world of mobile has evolved since started in 2008

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You know it. We know it. What is it? The fact that the world of mobile has expanded since (we weren’t called that back then) started in 2008. The mobile world has evolved in a very cataclysmic manner.

It has evolved from the world where Symbian OS ruled over Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm and Maemo into a new world where Android OS rules over iOS, Windows Phone, Sailfish and BlackBerry 10. It has evolved from a world in which people connected when they needed to into a world in which people live connected and disconnect when they need to.

The mobile world has developed beyond just smartphones. It has evolved from small screens into huge screens and then embraced even smaller screens than anyone ever imagined. It has developed and expanded to embrace many other areas of technology, including tablets (and laptops), wearables, auto, and television.

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And at every stage, has evolved with it.

So, expect a more diverse range of articles covering those other areas. You will read about self-driving cars, watches that connect to and talk to houses, television sets that know and respond to your mood and the shows you’d like to watch. And you will read about the super crazy smartphones that connect to and give you control over every one of these things.

As always, we will keep bringing you tips and reviews, as well as any other information that you will find useful in this new, even more exciting times. We evolve with the times, but we remain Nigeria and Africa’s number one tech blog for all things mobile.

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  1. Recall stumbling on this blog sometime in 2009 when android was still in its primitive and primordial form.

    Can recall reading your experience with the HTC G1 and your raving impressions about its browser. It’s indeed been a long long journey with several predictions coming true and others not so true.

    I remember the hopes had in the palmOS and Windows phone. Just like the dinosaurs, SymbianOS as dominant as it once was would best be found in a museum, probably not as a phone but a fossil.

    Cheers to many more exciting years to come to mobility arena and all the tech lovers out there.

  2. Mr Mo will soon start adding number of self driving cars, smartwatches and drones to his profile. Good going mobilityarena

  3. Lol. Drone bawo? Joor oo

    i don’t think it’s legal to fly/own private drones in Nigeria yet… Or is it?

  4. Actually there is an article about a drone on Mobility Arena. Buying and demoing now is a different thing altogether!

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