The world supports the cloud based smartphone with $1million

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Sometime ago, we reported about an upcoming cloud based smartphone in the works. The phone was a Kickstarter project, and its future was reliant on financial contributions people would make before it comes to fruition. Recall, we said the phone smartly uploads your files to the cloud to save space on your phone.


They’ve just announced (on their Kickstarter page) they hit $1 million in donation. With this in place, the project will be successful, and for reaching this target, they promised backers a Quick charger in the box instead of a regular charger. That’s not all, they also added more promises

  • A Nextbit Robin T-shirt for all who back us if we hit $1.25M.

  • If we hit $1.5M, everyone who backs us will actually get 129GB of cloud storage instead of 100.

From the look of things, we’ll get to see this cloud based smartphone come early next year. Perhaps, the western world wants a cloud based smartphone. I doubt any one of us here wants it.


  1. Some of us here may want it just for the sake of cloud storage…but really, we dont need it.

    Our internet services will totally make using the phone frustrating and expensive to maintain

  2. you can the disable the backup, forgo the Nextbit cloud storage option and use it like a regular Android smartphone. I’m amused this is an Android phone that offers something different from the regular and you’re still not impressed

  3. Hehe. Its not as if my impression on the device affects the release or profits of the company na.

    But anyway, if you disable, its still same as regular joes na.

    But at least, this is variety sha. Maybe not one I would be interested in anyway. But still cook.

  4. I DO BUT…

    We don’t have the WIFI infrastructure that is affordable for a wide use of Cloud storage here in Nigeria, even though the essential need for data security stares us in the face.

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