The world’s most expensive iPhone!! Guess how much it costs

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I present to you the world’s most expensive iPhone. This phone is made of 24-carat gold and is encrusted with lots of tiny diamonds.


Not only that; the sides are also lined with precious stones, and a buyer has the option to choose which gemstone he or she wants. The phone reportedly costs $3.51 million, and the makers claimed it’s worth as much as a small island. I think that money could buy most (of not the whole) of my village 😛


I hear the likes of Usain Bolt, David Beckham and P Diddy are among the clients of this firm. Why won’t they be? 😥



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  1. Hmmmm, see money!!!

    This one that you heard ehn, I doubt David would use this o, maybe for his wife sha!

    David n Diddy are lowkey spenders!!!

    Last time becks was spotted in the streets, he was with an old iphone. Ive never seen diddy with a flambouyant phone on TV before.

    Same cant be said for their women though

  2. Who doesn’t like a personalised something? Vertu is still in business and a number of other entrepreneurs have jumped onto the phone customising bandwagon.

    Personally I wouldn’t buy a bling case for my phone much less a diamond encrusted phone, but if you can afford it and want it – and people do – good for them.

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