There Is An App For That: Esta’s Top 6 Fitness Apps

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The invention of smartphones has made doing complex tasks relatively easy. The average professional who used to glory in his technical skills, is now finding his job being taken away by simple apps that require little or no technical skills. My own industry has not being spared either, there are hundreds of fitness apps that can make the average fitness trainer feel obsolete and unneeded. What this means for you as a consumer of fitness products and services is that, you can now reach your fitness goals without breaking a bank. You can lose weight and keep fit by using one of the numerous fitness apps available today!

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There are several good reasons why you should use fitness apps to track your fitness activities:

Tracking your fitness activities is one of the best ways to develop motivation and adherence. Using a fitness app can keep you on track, and help you make adjustment when necessary. Tracking your fitness activities is a good way to get feedback on your performance. Popular home-based fitness programs like Insanity, built “Fitness Test” into the programs to help exercisers track progress. Tracking your food intake with a calorie counting app will give regular feedback on how closer or farther you are to your goal.

What can be measured can also be managed. You can set fitness goals and reach them faster when you begin to track your activities with one or more fitness apps. My top 6 fitness apps follow.

Exercise Apps

Run Keeper
This is my number one running app! If you love to run or walk outdoor, this is a great app.

Available on iOS and Android devices. Limited support.

Map My Run
The developers of this app built an element of competition into it. MapMyRun is an excellent app for those who love virtual competitions and challenges.

Available on iOS and Android devices. Limited support on some Blackberry phones.

Endomondo was my first introduction to running apps. It’s an excellent app with great features. There is even a feature that allows you to compete against yourself or friends (some of these features are only available on the Upgrade version).

Available on Windows Phone, iOs devices, Android devices and Blackberry phones.

Calorie Counting Apps

My Fitness Pal (MFP)
MyFitnessPal tops the list of calorie counting apps! This calorie counting app is highly recommended for everyone who wants to lose weight and eat right. You can choose from thousands of foods in the database to create a daily meal plan. The only downside is, a larger percentage of the foods in the database are created by users like you, therefore some nutrition data may not be correct. But, you can create your own foods and recipes by using nutrition data from a database like CalorieKing, or Food-A-pedia.

Available on Windows phone, iOS devices, Android devices and Blackberry phones.

Calorie King
CalorieKing (food search) is one of the most trusted food databases. The nutrition data is accurate and reliable. This app comes in handy anytime you need to create your own foods and recipes for MyFitnessPal.

Available on iOS devices. PS: Calorie Master is available on Windows Phone.

Food-A-Pedia is owned by the USDA (United State Department of Agriculture). The USDA database is the most trusted, accurate and extensive. Use this tool to get quick access to nutrition data for over 8,000 foods.

Available on the web.

These are just some of the apps I rely on for work and personal uses. Do you also use apps to track your fitness activities? What are you favourites apps? Please share your favourites fitness apps in the comment session below 🙂

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  1. Yes o. Apps, not love makes the world go round. HemingWay should note that!

    Curiously, fitness apps is one class of apps I have never ever tinkered with.Maybe because fitness is mostly an attitude and genetic thing.

  2. Esta you must have read my mind! I’m not a runner and found Runkeeper frustrating to use, either for aerobics or for walking. Couldn’t get it to shut up!

    I would add to that list:

    MiCoach by Adidas. Has some very good blog posts, especially with regards to exercises and meal ideas. You can also download an exercise programmes that helps you achieve a goal eg lose weight. Available for iOS, WP and Android.

    Currently I’m using Runtastic’s squats and sit-ups apps. If you think you could never do 100 squats or sit-ups, with these apps you can. To date these are the best apps I’ve come across that help achieve those goals. There are programmed exercises and sessions that you can do in between. Theyre available for iOS, WP and Android as well.

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