Early this morning, I ran into a tweet that was retweeted by someone on my TL. I do not follow the original source, but I

There is more to ad contracts than just traffic

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Early this morning, I ran into a tweet that was retweeted by someone on my TL. I do not follow the original source, but I found it interesting and went through his TL to see the full gist. Here is the original tweet:

And that was followed up with this one:

I do not know for a fact whether the assertion that Linda Ikeji’s blog gets more ad servings than Nairaland does is true, but from what I have seen, it looks so. Note: I have no hard facts. While those two web media have been mentioned, my article is not focused on them. I want to address the issue of the direction that web advertisers are going in. I am here to support the motion that there is more to ad contracts than just traffic.

As a rule, forums are free for all. Anyone and everyone can publish anything. As such, higher traffic rates are likely to be recorded on forums. Blogs, however, usually involve a personality publishing and readers who tend to be followers and fans of that personality. As such, blogs tend to be more influential or have more clout with their readers.

Brands and advertisers are no longer just looking for traffic numbers alone. It is no longer okay to just flash products and services before prospects. They also want those prospects influenced. Sometime last year, representatives of a GSM network contacted us at Mobility for a quote. We sent one, and someone got back to us with the question: “Why are your rates this high?”

My response can be summed up in one word: influence. Mobility has lots of clout with those who matter the most – decision makers, other influencers, and those who actually have the cash and are willing to pay for their products and services. Pageviews and traffic in general are superb, but advertisers are looking for influencers. That’s how they get the most bang for their bucks.

There are situations in which raw traffic is more expedient, and there are situations in which influence and clout carry the day. It falls on the advertisers to decipher which scenario fits better each of their campaigns. But it has to be said, any advertiser who is still looking at pure traffic figures ALONE to determine where to spend ad funds is living in the stone age.

I hope that with these few lines of mine, I have convinced you – and not confused you – that ad contracts are no longer just a matter of page views alone 😉

PS: Someone smart is going to say that I am only arguing this because I want ads on MOBILITY. D’oh! Of course, I want ads on MOBILITY. Please get in touch right away!

Mister Mo pushes audio button and sound system blasts out Iyanya’s remix, titled “Your Ad” featuring Mister Mo:

Ladies, It’s Mister Mo

Your ad, your ad, all I want is ur ad (4x)
Mkpoweto mkpoweto

(Brands/advertisers respond):
My ad, my ad, all he wants is my ad

My ad, my ad, he wants my figure 8
My ad, my ad, all he wants is my ad
My ad, my ad, he wants my figure 8 aahhh

*Dance floor goes wild…….


  1. This article is quite articulate and incisive. I hold the belief though that, traffic is king, but indispensably reliant on quality content and like you said, ‘influence’.

  2. Mr Yomi Adegboye,!!!!

    Don’t tell me you listen to / watch such.lurid /kewd music? #shocked !!!

    Guard your eyes and ears with all diligence o..


    To the meat of this article..

    I don’t know much about marketing and adverts, but as an advertiser, I will obviously prefer an arena where my adverts will get the widest exposure (where the traffic is at).

    Advertising is about sowing as many seeds as possible in as many different soils as practicable.

    Am I likely to remember the marketing vehicle (blog/forum), rather than the product /service marketed, itself? I doubt it would matter to me where I read an advertising the techno phantom A1. I am buying the product, not the advert medium.

    Unless the product/servuce is niche (say like smartphones on Mobility), the place to be, all things being equal, is where the traffic rate is highest.

    You simply get higher exposure to a wider audience spread.

    Yes, there is far more to advert contract’s than effectiveness, like all other things generally.

    Who you know, your clout, business ethics, attitude, likeability and practices are probably greater factors than the EFFECTIVENESS / appropriateness of the offered marketing platform itself.

    The best and most effective marketing platforms don’t always NECESSARILY get the juicy ones.

    THAT is of course, LIFE!

  3. @EBK Linda endorses products in a way and that’s why ads are more effective on her site

  4. Uduegbunam.Chukwudi, what would Linda’s endorsement mean to me regarding a product like a Tablet??

    absolutely NOTHING!

  5. I’m shocked I inspired a blogpost. Of course I have no facts but I just merely stated my observation. Thanks a lot for clarifying what goes on with ads. #ThePowerOfSocialMedia! You never know who’s reading/will read your tweet!

  6. Uduegbunam.Chukwudi, what would Linda’s endorsement mean to me regarding a product like a Tablet??

    absolutely NOTHING!

    That is the point. EyeBeeKay, you are not the average consumer. Geeks amuse me. You belong to the huge minority and you suppose that anyone targets you with mass marketing? Issokay.

    When a brand gets Linda or myself to endorse a product, it is not you guys in the minority that they are targeting. They are targeting a huge demography that mostly excludes you. The geek niche may be very vocal (like here on MOBILITY), but there are tens of thousands who read this blog but never post a comment. Our influence on that demography is huge. That is how it works.

  7. @Chukwudi do you really think, ads are necessarily more effective on Linda’s blog than on Nairaland? Done any comparison? Seeing also that a significant number of contributors there don’t live in Nigeria.. Also with due respect to Linda, I don’t think I can get any product Linda endorses cos it’s not like she’s an expert in any industry say as Mister mo is in mobiles..

  8. That @Dikachim fellow always yarns sense… Influence is major. I totally agree with this post. Influence over page count and traffic.

  9. @EBK the last time I checked Linda is not a tech blogger so her endorsements should mean nothing to you. Her main endorsements are targeted at females/babes

    @DKIM: I haven’t done any research at all. Just my observations. From my point of view, if u were a chic, Linda wears a new weave bag or dress, looks hot in it and mentions the manufacturer, I will so be getting that.

    Linda ikeji sells all things celebrity but Nairaland sells various subject matters in my opinion.

    Most of the readers here buy gadgets based on mister Mo ‘s rants I see the same as being applicable to Linda ikeji

  10. Now, I think I see Mr Mo`s and Uduegbunam.Chukwudi`s points better.

    I have often wondered why Brand’s would seemingly dash out money to celebrities to endorse / showcase their products/services.

    Now, I understand better .

    The same thing is happening in adverts.

    People are not necessarily buying the product, but the feeling those products or services give them.

    Humans are sure capricious, illogical and irrational. Mostly.

  11. @EBK dashing money to Yankee celebs like the kardashians is understandable but not dashing it to our Naija celebs as I seriously don’t see them actively pushing anything at all.

    To me as an outsider they are a huge waste of money as most of them don’t know shit about their brands and products

  12. LOL! @ TTF, thank you.
    @Chukwudi now I understand. Thanks for explaining. well, I guess it works out for women, I mean Linda. Therefore forums, blogs etc should endeavour to have that influential image of the owner. I also agree with you about Nigerian celebs being so poor at endorsing products. If you look at foreign celebs you see the difference.

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