Advertisement The other day, someone tweeted a list of “must-have” Android apps (clearly from his own perspective). From his list, there was only one app

There Is No Generic Must-Have List

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The other day, someone tweeted a list of “must-have” Android apps (clearly from his own perspective). From his list, there was only one app that I needed or used. Then someone else stepped in and added that he has used none of those apps, listing two apps that he used regularly instead.

Truth is, there is no generic must-have list. People’s needs and wants differ, and what seems must-have to one person may be totally off the radar of another person. It is okay to state our preferences, but then I see a significant number of people take their personal preferences too far, trying to force those down as law – and worse, as superior.


Chips On Shoulders

Recently, I mentioned the BlackBerry PlayBook, and I got two responses implying that it was a poor choice because of the small number of apps available for it. Again, it was laughable. One of the respondents insisted that I would need at least one free eReader.


Problem is, I don’t need or use eReaders. I haven’t used one since The Titanic.


Another respondent said he wouldn’t think of using the PlayBook, saying that’s “how terrible” the PlayBook is. Yet, there are people all over the world who are productively satisfied with their PlayBook. That respondent was implying that all those people are stupid or ignorant for choosing such a “terrible” device.

That Superiority Complex

This attitude reeks of a bad air of superiority complex – all because of a choice of apps or devices. It stinks to high heavens.


There is no generic must-have list of requirements, features or apps. People must choose what works for them, regardless of whether that puts them in the minority or with the crowd. Stating our preferences is good, but acting and talking in such a way that others’ sensibilities are offended because of your preferences is totally out of order.


Those who instinctively rubbish other people’s choices because they don’t align with the popular flow are at best childish, and at worst being brutish. ‘Nuff said.

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  2. I predominantly agree with the opinion started up there.

    However, it need to be stated-again-that you often do not know you sure ignorant of something until you are shown.

    It is an irony that it took a Quantity Surveyor to introduce me to the world of mobile apps (i did computer science yearssss ago). I was Not even aware of such things at the time.

    As regards essential app list – i believe there is an essential essential_list of apps.

    Minimally, this list would include a good task manager, a good file explorer, a good keyboard app and a capable mobile browser.

    I believe EVERYBODY who uses a smartphone needs to manage tasks, browser the net, input data sms manage files(minimally) on their phones.

    Otherwise they would be better off with a feature phone!

  3. EyeBeeKay,

    However, it need to be stated-again-that you often do not know you sure ignorant of something until you are shown.

    Your comment displays a presumption that just because someone is not using something, it must be that he or she is yet to be introduced to it.

    That’s plain hasty generalisation. Not to mention that your words are all jumbled up.

  4. I have to say I agree with the article. I also laughed at the Tweet about needing an eReader – if you’ve not used one to date (presuming you can get them for your TouchPad), why would you suddenly decide to get one for a similar device?

    It’s true, there’s no such thing as a must have/essential app. It’s all down to individual preference and how you choose to use your phone.

  5. I agree with Mr. Mobility to a great extent but is one thing that can be inferred or rather already stated in the article is that our wants are different and diverse. This is no problem in itself as this is generally the human nature.

    However, another thing that can easily be deduced from this different and diverse needs and want is that most informed people considers availability of some apps or services that meet their need before switching to or investing in any platform. This is not so much of problem some years back before Apple popularized the app ecosystem.

    The implication of this diverse needs and wants is that for any platform to have a good chance of surviving, there just has to be a relative abundance of apps available to it to make sure that our numerous and diverse needs have a higher chance of being met.

    Google understands this well and did very well to take care of populating the Google Play Store with apps within a reasonable period of time. Microsoft also understands this and is doing very well in populating the Windows app store. The higher the number of apps available for any platform, the greater the chance that greater percentage of our diverse needs would be met and this has the regenerative effect that helps to sustain platforms that are already popular.

  6. Eye.bee.kay:

    What you listed are not essential apps. If you have a good “modern” Belle or Android phone, you would get those out of the box. Then again, it is “essential” to you because your phone is obsolete.

    By the way, those jumbled words sure are funny! Keep up the funny comments Eye.bee.kay!

  7. (
    Your comment displays a presumption that just because someone is not using something, it must be that he or she is yet to be introduced to it.
    Yes; That is OFTEN the case. I did not say – ‘Always’, Read my comment again, please.I was not ‘hastily generalizing’ in any way!!

    As for the ”jumbled’ words, you will have to pardon me. I typed the earlier comment with one eye closed (open(.

    I had to go and look up the meaning of the word ‘essential’, and I take my words back- no aop (list) is essential. Depends on the user.

    If your device is decorative, sure it will do the basic things outta_da_box.

    As for Noni that said using a modern OS would make the app (class) i listed to be non essential, i think she contradicts herself hugely. Would she (Noni) agree to revert to the stock Android keyboard app? Even one app she would ‘hate’ to do without means some app class are NECESSARY-even if non, essential!

    @jay baba, u wicked small o. Hammer someone’s head. Are u a Boko Haramite?

  8. It truly amuses me that this glendaRobot (not to be concfused with the great man OralRoberts) is still running on the OBSOLETE’ code IT was programmed with – oppose any and all opinions Eye.bee.kay expresses. Constantly refer to his Nokia5800’s obsolescence and museum_worthiness (as if there are no people driving vintage cars)

    When will the programmers of this glendaROBOT reprogram IT, and stop the same nauseatingly irritating repititive single mindedness?

    It is not hardware ALONE that gets OBSOLETE- glendaROBOTs too need to have their codebase updated from time to time!

  9. Eye.bee.kay:

    It does not need reprogramming. Your phone is obsolete. That is not an opinion. It is a fact. It is not single minded. You are the one closed minded. You refuse to admit the fact that your 5800 is obsolete.

    Please practice proper grammar and punctuations when posting comments. I always look forward to reading your comments but it makes me dizzy with all those ), (, and -.

  10. RPG fire! your 12oclock, too late.
    Its not every post you must attempt to comment intellegently sometimes a joke will do

  11. Certainly right, no generic must have list, your apps are closely related to the things you do on your phone.

  12. Glenda and Eye.bee.kay, keep it up. Its like you’re made for each other. You’ll make such a cute couple…

    If there’s an app that is installed and regularly used predominantly on ALMOST every smartphone, then it can still be included in the ‘essential’ list. Opera Mini for instance fits this category. How many smartphones have anyone seen without an external browser like Opera Mini? Well i sure haven’t seen many…

    So i think a generic list might exist actually, but it’ll be awfully small

  13. Yeah, essential apps may be by user’s preference but there is nothing wrong in having such lists. They can come in handy for newbies. Your have 100s of thousands of apps, if one can have a list that suggests a few useful apps one can start with, that will be nice.

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