There’s a new 4G LTE player in Lagos city

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There’s a new 4G LTE player in town – and they are not playing. Offering mouthwatering packages (consider spending N8, 000 for 15GB data monthly, or N5, 000 for 7 GB monthly), Cyberspace LTE looks set to go up against Smile, Swift and Spectranet. But not quite set.


As far as service coverage is concerned, Cyberspace isn’t ready quite yet. Every location in Lagos that I checked out on their coverage map had poor or fair coverage, and almost every one of them required outdoor equipment. In other words, the subscriber’s initial cost will be outrageous. Nah. I will pass for now.


  1. the more players in the LTE space, the better. hopefully that’ll drive the price down and increase competitiveness. as usual early adopters bear the cross

  2. In other news, MR Mo…please how can one lodge a complaint successfully against EmptyHen. I think my line has been blocked. Im in a remote area and I really cant get to their office at the moment, work reasons.

    To make it worse, no form of notification whatsoever from them as to why I can’t get to call out or receive calls. If not for GLO… I hope those ones too dont mess up, I would be off the grid by now.

    If my line was blocked, why didnt they register me when I was porting? And I just ported to mtn a month ago.

    Please advise as i’m really fuming about this incident.

  3. The 3gb for 1k is fast enough for me, not until they close to that level I’m contented.

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